Science, sports and entertainment for everyone

Science, sports and entertainment for everyone

Recognizing the comeback of the environment from October 5 to 7, the Cinnamiente event focused on the themes of the circular economy, recycling and environmental sustainability.

Three days of meetings, presentations and educational activities open to citizens and schools in the Province of Siena. Now, in its tenth edition, the event is sponsored by the Tuscany Region and the Siena Province, among others.

“Thanks to a unified format that presents an informational contribution of a scientific nature combined with educational and recreational activities, this event gives citizens and students the opportunity to learn more about waste management and good environmental practices – announced Cinampiente President Tiziano Scarpelli -. “Recognizing the Environment” is organized around a series of meetings aimed at increasing environmental awareness and giving impetus to reflection on the current economic model that is increasingly showing its limits and impact.

In all this, good waste management plays an essential role as we will demonstrate on different occasions during the three days, starting with the illustration of the new recycling plant in Curtin, an intervention aimed at obtaining important environmental and production benefits in terms of waste recovery. Matter and energy.”

The first event of the event is scheduled to take place at Casa dell’ambiente and is dedicated to carbon neutrality in the province of Siena. A morning dedicated to scientific information where Sienambiente’s Technical Director, Fabio Meneghetti, will explain how the new recycling plant in Cortine contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide. Participating with him are the President of the Regional Alliance for Carbon Neutrality in Siena, Simone Bastianoni, and Federico M. Polselli, Professor of Environmental Chemistry at the University of Siena.

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On this occasion, physicist, science communicator, and well-known television personality, Valerio Rossi Albertini, will focus on the causes and negative effects of the climate crisis and the environmental impact of greenhouse gases resulting from human activities. Friday, October 6 is Theater at the Plant Day, where the “Escape from Reality” theater lesson at the Fossey Waste-to-Energy Plant is presented to high school students.

On this occasion it will be possible to visit the factory and learn more with the technicians Cinnamiente The function of the plant that recovers and produces energy from non-reusable and recyclable waste. The usual running and walking returns on Saturday morning, at 9am, from Casa dell’Ambiente, in collaboration with the Mens Sana Runners group.

The closing of the event is on Saturday 7 at 9.30 pm, on the stage of the Teatro Politeama in Poggibonsi where the show “…And I said it all, what I said, what I say and what I will say” by Roberto Lipari will be organised. Roberto Lipari is the host and correspondent of Striscia la Notizia and the star of his latest film “So tutto di te” distributed by Prime Video. Last July, he won the United Nations Film Award for his clear sensitivity in conveying messages on behalf of the environment.

Being a real discussion in which you express a point of view about the world around us, Lipari continues its historical beliefs and adds new ones. The environmental themes, marketing excesses and cynicism towards all conspiracy theories are the strong point of the show.

The show on the occasion of environmental recognition has free admission with reservation required by writing to [email protected] and indicating: name, surname, number of seats, e-mail and telephone numbers.

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