April 2, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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“I can tell you what I think about Casey’s future! Next year could happen with Ibrahimovic”

Paolo Maldiniin the Milan-Inter match before the match, speak into microphones Mediaset.

The AC Milan coach presented the challenge this evening and talked about the events related to it Ibrahimovic and Casey.

These are the statements of the Director of the Rossoneri Technical District:

An initiative in favor of Ukraine:

Our safety initiative is symbolicGoing to war in Europe in 2022 is really absurd. We want to be close to the Ukrainian people in every way possible.”

Paolo Maldini

In today’s race:

no ptorlo a lot with the team, it’s up to the coach to relieve the tension. Some races don’t need the stimulus, but sometimes it’s hard to prepare.”

In Ibra and in the team moment:

Ibra is the winner, it is true he is aiming higher and we are sure he can stay with us again next year. In the championship we could have done better in some races, but we have a great rhythm. Now we aim to do better than last year in the latter part of the season.”

Team and absences:

“We are able to compete in many divisions, at the moment we are pushing and suffering from the absence of experienced players like Kjaer and Ibra, essential men for us. In the European context, the Champions League group told us that we need to grow on several fronts.”

When renewing Kessie:

“The line on Kessié’s renewal is dictated by society We will not deviate from that.”

Stefano Corey