“We’ll buy it anyway with a free transfer”

“We’ll buy it anyway with a free transfer”

The new French orientation, the new Nerazzurri no. Shaloba asks Chelsea for the green light to come to Inzaghi

Shilba at Chelsea: ‘Let me go inside’
Inter will wait until Monday for Chelsea to open up on Xaluba’s front: The Blues are asking for 3 million euros, the Nerazzurri want to spend less and now the inclusion of Leipzig scares Marotta and Oselio. But, according to Gazzetta dello Sport, an important aspect is the English defender who has asked the club’s leaders to allow him to leave for Milan because he wants Inter. If the weekend doesn’t bring good news from London (or Dortmund for Akanji), it will be closed to Acerbi.

Al-Khelaifi is angry: “We will take the score to zero.”
L’Equipe adds new details about Skriniar’s Inter-Psg mode. The president of the Parisians, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, will be so upset by the intransigence of the Slovak sale that the Nerazzurri understand that both Skriniar will arrive next season with a free transfer. The 27-year-old is set to expire in June 2023, but Inter, once the transfer market closes, will immediately proceed to start negotiations to renew the contract that has already been in general agreement for some time.

Paris Saint-Germain does not give up the handkerchief: 60 million and one player
Paris Saint-Germain may return to Inter Milan Skriniar’s charge in the last minute of the transfer market, according to reports from L’Equipe. The Parisians would be willing to put 60 million on the board as well as a player as a technical counterpart. Not coming from Inter.

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Defender Status
As confirmed by the Acerbi agent himself, Inter have at least two replacements for the current Lazio defender. The first responds to the name of Shaloba, who will wait until Monday before leaving the track that leads to English Chelsea. The player has already given an agreement, while an agreement with the Blues is required. The Nerazzurri pays for a free loan with the right of redemption, while in London they immediately want to receive economic recognition of about 3 million euros. Marotta is hoping Chelsea will take a step back in the next few days. Otherwise we will go to Acerbi (Lazio OK for the free loan with minimum compensation bonuses), given that for Akanji, the other profile next to Nerazzurri, Dortmund continues to ask for the final sale.

Renovation work with SKRINIAR mods
The PSG bogeyman has been removed, and now at Inter we must think about renewing Milan Skriniar, which expires in June. The player “waivered” the 9 million euros offered by the French and for this reason in Milan they will have to meet the Slovak defender with a suitable proposal. Today, the player earns just under 4 million, and for this the salary must be raised to at least 6, to adapt it to what Martinez and Brozovic received (Lukaku is a separate case). General agreement has already been found for some time, now it will be necessary to put everything in black and white.

The meeting at Inter headquarters with agent Francesco Acerbi was positive, but not decisive. The Lazio defender’s trajectory is the one that the Nerazzurri are pursuing, but he is not the only one and Agent Pastorello has confirmed this with a chat confirmation to understand the feasibility of the deal. “We have assessed the situation. Acerbi is Italian and has already played for Inzaghi, this could be a solution and open Lotito – Pastorello commented -. He would be very happy to go to Inter.” The parties will rebound, but certainly after the Lazio Inter scheduled for the weekend.

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