I called him incoherently and we argued, then we became friends again as before – Corriere.it

I called him incoherently and we argued, then we became friends again as before – Corriere.it

Until a few years ago, televised brawls were not that frequent. It is also for this reason that the direct clash between Toto Cutugno and myself at the Dopofestival conducted by Elio caused such a stir. That was 2008. Late at night he was struggling and at a certain point I pointed out to Toto Cutugno that he was out of tune. Open Social. Cotogno steps menacingly towards the journalists’ station and addresses me: “But when are you going to retire? What you said is just…»». The audience in the hall boos, and Elio may intervene for fear of physical confrontation. I kind of expected it. There was some spark a few years ago at the “Record Summer” in St. Vincent. I did not lose my temper and confessed, with a smile, that I was very interested in seeing him perform in front of the public in the former Soviet republics, where they overpaid him. In short, I tolerate aggression without returning insults. Ray sees fit to repeat the confrontation the following evening at prime time. peak listening recording.

Quarrels attract more than songs. A shocked Bodo claims that the public has now become intoxicated by this type of television. I’ve learned over the years that being on TV without reacting is a strategy that works. And the next day, in bars, people compete to serve you coffee. Behind the scenes, with Cutugno, excellent relations. We will forgive each other in later years. In fact, I often looked for them with Cutugno. I am referring to an episode of Scherzi a Parte. in collusion with management courier We created a page titled: “Toto Cutugno Scam Record”, where his latest album was criticized by defining the artist as an “unlikely wandering player”. It was around midnight and Kiss Kiss Radio was hosting Cutugno. The fake page has been shown to courier. I have blanching. At that moment the phone rang. I increased the dose. Until the release «You are in Scherzi a Parte» arrived. He was too happy to be angry.

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The people loved Cotonou, but the critics slaughtered him: was a popular symbol of Bel Canto. Critics are all about rock music and songwriting. But the intellectuals were defeated years later. When Celine Dion gives a concert in Milan, she performs “L’Italiano” between encores, leaving the detractors and the learned amazed. To the public in Eastern Europe, Cutugno was a god, also in terms of his timbre very reminiscent of that of Celentano: so much so that it was in great demand in those parts. In fact, he had lived for decades not far from Linate airport. He always traveled by private jet to the former Soviet Union and collected large sums of money. Sometimes he would return to Milan immediately after the show

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