“After the series my life became unlivable. The argument about the Romanian accent is absurd”

He arrived late, gnawing, and looking shocked: “I did a chioppo,” he says, mimicking the effect of his car on something else. But as soon as she tried to explain the dynamics of the accident, the people waiting for her for the hard copy in the library ran to applause. The life of Michel Rich, 37, cartoonist, in art Zerocal Care, it changed within a week. his tv series, Cut along the edges, is the most viewed on Netflix. His latest comic book, Nothing New on the Rebibbia Front (a compilation of newspaper stories and an unpublished behind-the-scenes story from the series), has caused biblical files to appear in the library. The signs are lost: the symbol of a generation, the flag of the oppressed, the standard-bearer of the Roman world, the last intellectual of Italy. “It has objectively gone very well, he says — but I’m not having a great time. I expect it to boil. I hope so.”

Were you surprised by the success all over Italy?
“No, I always had an audience even outside my city. Not very big of course ».

He was criticized for choosing the Roman dialect. repentant?
“The series can be criticized for a thousand reasons: it can be bad, perhaps because my acting is inadequate. But the question of the Romanian dialect is ridiculous, not even worth discussing. Anyone who is able to go grocery shopping on their own can understand the snagging along the edges. The others are either ill-intentioned or need an excuse to go to the newspapers.”

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Is Italian culture centered around the Romans?
“It seems obvious to me that there are a thousand different things in a thousand dialects. Is there one who is less represented than the others? I’m sorry. But Roman centralism really is an out-of-this-world discussion. Ordinary people don’t care.”

Do you feel, as defined, that you are the last intellectual in Italy?
“It’s not a title I’m proud of and don’t recognize myself in at all. As soon as I knew I thought: Now they’re destroying me. In fact, the haters have arrived.”

They say she earns like Chiara Ferragni: is it true?
“I hope it’s not yours. I have a standard of living that suits me. Even if I earn more than a hundredfold, I won’t know how to spend this money.”

From Social Hubs to Netflix: Has Capitalism Triumphed?
“In a capitalist society, capitalism always wins. I try to be honest with people, and be consistent. I do not, in order to have a wider audience, shy away from radicalizing the contents or supporting the causes that I stand for. But in short: this is my job, not my job. Nor did I think that my job was to find a solution to capitalism.”

Zerocalcare’s response to the controversy surrounding the cult series “Tearing the Edges ‘too Roman’.” “Come ve va de ingarellavve…”

Some noted that he lives in the suburbs, but he attended an expensive French school. is he bothering you?
“I have been living in Rabibia since I was two months old. I am French so I went to the French school. Rabiea, then, is not the ghetto. I have never pictured myself as a ghetto. I don’t understand why I have to justify myself.”

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Mattia Toure (one of the authors of Boris’s book, editor) told the same generation that preceded her. Is it a model?
“Yes, but it’s far-fetched. Mattia Torre has made for me the most beautiful things that have been produced in Italy in the last 30 years. I dare not approach him, his stuff is an absolute model for me. For me, I think the people who identify themselves in my comics are the most engaged people. My characters speak very little about assertiveness. It is clear that our generation is an interfering generation.”

Now even children are reading it: What do you think?
“Which is funny. I wonder what he’s coming to. Some topics are very adult. But it’s true that this anxiety about disappointment with the teacher I talked about in the series felt like a kid. And I wanted someone to tell me I don’t worry, if you did poorly in school. He will not break a teacher’s heart.”

The next comic?
“It will be issued between May and June, and I will tell about my trip to Iraq. Certainly a subject that interests me more than the debate over the Romanian dialect.”

Is the second season of the series over?
“Since the series came out, my life has become so unlivable that I either find it centered, or I don’t feel mired in controversy. There is nothing in the world that compels me to do this. it’s up to me. But if I find a way to survive, I do.

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