Electric, slow transmission in the United States – electric

Electric, slow transmission in the United States – electric

rhythms electric transmission The American auto industry has heralded so much, do they really respect deadlines? There would be no answer at all if one analyzed the study by Axios, which used data provided by S&P Global Mobility as a basis. The numbers speak for themselves: Electric cars represent today less than 1% Of all registered in the United States, and only in a few countries within the country, these compounds have a certain impact on the market.

Of course, chances are good that the transition will continue to accelerate as is More and more models will be released On the market over the next few years: Just think that in May there were 46 electric models available on the market, but according to S&P Global there will be 63 before the end of the year. Obviously, this will not be enough: it will also be necessary, at the same time, for more countries to be willing to adopt this type of technology on vehicles, which means working towards achieving Freight Infrastructure Network At the climax to begin with. As for individual US states, it is no surprise that California tops the list of representatives with about 39% of all electric vehicles registered in the US, followed by Florida in second place with a 6.7% share and Texas which completes the platform with 5.4%. Share.

However, we still talk about numbers Slim, given that when it comes to the percentage of electric vehicles in circulation compared to the total number of vehicles on the road (and therefore not just new ones), the percentages drop dramatically: in California, for example, less than 2% of registered vehicles are all-electric cars. Sure, creating a modern network infrastructure could help spur the spread of electric vehicles and speed up the transition, but given the current pace (which isn’t just about the US), they suggest Gasoline and diesel They will continue to be a part of motorists’ lives for a long time to come.

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