New Opening in Milan: Pacifik Poke – Newsfood – Nutriment and Nutrimente

New Opening in Milan: Pacifik Poke – Newsfood – Nutriment and Nutrimente

After the success of the first group, located in Corso di Porta Vitoria 42, the group Pacific Poke Continues its expansion in Lombardy and opens next October 13 Second place in Milan, in Via Lausanne 36.

The new venue will be developed, unlike the first one already in the city, according to restaurant formula It will include, in addition to the usual possibility of purchasing products according to the Express formula, also a Services In the dining room, a wider and more focused view Excellent food.

It will no longer be necessary to travel with imagination to experience the lively atmosphere of the Pacific Ocean, but just dive in and experience it Pacific Experience offered by the new menu, which looks like a skilful blend of cultures enhanced by the expert hand of the chefs.

Starting with the classic Hawaiian Bouquetwhich can be customized to your liking and also features Gluten-free and vegan alternativesThe restaurant’s new menu also offers lesser-known dishes such as Hawaiian Tapas; The ceviche usually Peru. The Hawaiian roll; different types of rice Based on candies From the Pacific Ocean, like I mochi ice creamtypical of Japan.

Moreover, starting from the end of October, the list will expand with many the new productsIncluding the hot dishes for the upcoming winter season so you don’t give up traditional Hawaiian flavors even in the cold.

All ingredients for dishes are carefully selected and used to present exotic recipes even for those who do not have the opportunity to travel.

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“Imagine finding a corner of the city that allows you to experience the flavors, aromas and colors of Hawaii and other exotic countries. A mix of different cultures surrounded by creative dishes at your fingertips. We backpackers, join us on this journey through taste!”

environmental sustainability
The brand has always been distinguished by various environmentally sustainable options, such as the use of biodegradable and compostable products, as well as an interest in research and modernization, in order to enrich the offer with new specialties typical of the Pacific region. The company is also collaborating with Planted to bring vegetarian dishes to the menu, including Huli Vegan Poke, which contains Planted.Chicken, mango salsa, wakame seaweed, Brazil nuts, avocado, red cabbage, bean sprouts, cherry tomato and jalapeno, sour , Salt, Lao Bagel, Croutons, Deboned Pork, BBQ Sauce, Coleslaw, Carrot And Cucumber. In short, a blend of ingredients delivers an explosion of entirely vegan flavors.

Pacifik Poke Series
Poke Srl, who registered the Pacific Poke brand, was among the first to bring the Poke concept to Italy in 2018. The CEO of the group, Stefano Zenga, has 4 years of experience in Asia and this was what drove him to develop his business idea. Thus, Pacifik Poke is in its fourth year of activity, aiming to continue expanding up to 30 points of sale, centered around restaurants with dining room service and a more fine-dining oriented offering.

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