“I am different than I was a year ago. Today I feel like…”

“I am different than I was a year ago. Today I feel like…”

Everything is ready to go back Ilary Blasey On TV, one year after separating from Francesco Totti. The former Letterina di Passaparola was reappointed at the helmFamous Island, departs at Canal 5 on Monday 17th April. In an interview with Chi magazine, the presenter preferred not to talk openly about her private life but she admitted it I feel different Compared to the last version of broadcast. “I want to get back on the right track – Ilary’s explanation – It is as if there is a before and after. It’s a bit like when one comes back from the island, I call it a transitional period. I’m curious to know what will happen. The island changes you, leaves you with some consequences and I know that very well. Changes are necessary and you have to navigate by sight. Woe if you remain still And if you think you’re in a safe haven.”

Ilary Blasey Admits: “I’m Shy”

“I’m shy – he added Ilary Blasey And this attitude has been a part of me since I was little. I am a person who looks at the glass half full, and never thinks evil. And then maybe it’s true, sometimes it can also be a defense, I throw it in the caciara to protect myself. I show little emotion, I’m shy about doing so, I hardly get angry, I’m not quarrelsome and I don’t always see malice in others.”. Then again: Those who know me say so On TV, I’m Ilary. I have no filters, I carry on for who I am, this combination of leisure and lightness. I see TV as life, my attitude isn’t studied and I don’t feel performance anxiety. I’m calm, it’s a job that started as a game and got serious. I’m not able to be, to me it feels like a party.”

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