Benedetta Parodi and Fabio Carissa out of control: “You can’t live like this”

Benedetta Parodi and Fabio Carissa out of control: “You can’t live like this”

Hectic couple lives of Fabio Carissa and Benedetta Parodi, yet both of them lost control in front of the cameras of a very popular TV show.

Benedetta Parodi During the years of his career, he has recounted his great passion for cooking, but he has always managed to involve his family, as recently with a recipe for pasta alla carbonara made with his son Diego.

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A story told in everyday life also sees the husband as the undisputed protagonist Fabio Carissaall between irony, sympathy, and even playfulness of a couple who’ve been together for a quarter of a century and managed to always stay in the thick of love, like a true crescendo of feelings that made everything perfect for them.

Despite everything, the famous couple recently lived together High voltage moment right in front of the cameras and Fabio Carissa didn’t stop his reaction.

Benedetta Parodi and Out of Control with Fabio Carissa

In the midst of media attention in these hours, we find a certain story Fabio Carissa and Benedetta Parodi They did it in front of the cameras of the Rai 1 home program, and today is another day, guests Serena BurtonHere, they talked about their lives as a married couple that are always very busy and full of twists and turns…but also of surprising bickering.

In fact, right in front of the display cameras, Benedetta Parodi She recalled to her husband an event that had occurred on the train shortly before the broadcast, traveling from Milan to Rome where the Oggi è un altro giorno studios were located. When the chef and hostess were asked if she and her husband fought often, she interjected, saying:Today I got angry on the train because I answered you badlyHowever, Fabio Carissa did not send them to say and thus restrain his wife: “Use a method of communication that is not good“.

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Benedita Parodi’s Out of Control – RecipeSprint

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Chaos on the train by Benedetta Parodi!

So, the question Serene Burton asked was background to a A story without brakes created by Fabio Carissa, who talks about Benedetta Parodi’s behind-the-scenes life Which even the fans didn’t know about until now.

However, during that train trip many events could have happened that left the audience speechless, but also Burton herself amused by the story he told. Carissa:”He got the wrong seat on the train, as usual… He got the wrong seat, got two people up, and said politely, “No, but it’s really my seat.” Then the ticket was wrong, she lowered the bag and said: “No, but put it here …”. You can’t live like this“.

Benedita Parodi’s Out of Control – RecipeSprint

accordingly, Benedetta Parodi He tried to play down more by revealing that it’s also good for a couple to know how to make fun of each other, even after years of starting their relationship and all the changes in the case, but Fabio Carissa He removes it again with the following revelation:No, the secret is that I am patient“.

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