Fener Arbor and that tale that leaves you speechless: He was 11 years old

Fener Arbor and that tale that leaves you speechless: He was 11 years old

Not everyone knows that there was a long love story between Mara Venere and Renzo Arbore, which lasted more than ten years. The broadcaster and the artist loved each other very much, and even today they have an excellent relationship, so much so that Arbor was even a guest on Domenica In and told a very special anecdote.

The one between Mara Venere and Renzo Arbore are an association that not everyone knows aboutWhich for many years monopolized the covers of specialized newspapers. A relationship of not only love, but also great friendship and mutual respect. The two artists were together until 1997, when they also decided to go their separate ways due to increasingly pressing work commitments.

Recently guest on Dominica Inn, a celebratory event hosted by her ex-partnerRenzo recalled with her some of the moments they had spent together, and in particular told a strange anecdote about their first night spent together, one of the moments that is usually remembered with greater tenderness and transport.

However, it seems so Because the two things went very differentlyAs the participants explained directly with pleasure during the live broadcast of the program.

Mara Venere and Renzo Arbore, the funny tale of their first night

Dominica’s guest last May, during an episode of the show that aired exceptionally well in prime time, Arbor amusedly answered questions from his ex-girlfriend, who… They remembered their first night together at the artist’s house Puglia. Venier told viewers he found an 11-year-old bottle in his then-partner’s fridge, which he had likely opened looking for something to drink or eat.

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Mara Venere in Dominica Inn – Spetteguless.it

Naturally, the host and clarinetist responded and emphasized that the milk bottle itself today is about 35 years old. Furthermore, Mara said that during their long relationship, He often acquiesced to his partner’s exotic tastes, lover of “crap”. The broadcaster explained to viewers that she tried certain foods when she was with him, as happened in Morocco, where he convinced her to eat snails.

Today there is nothing more than a deep friendship between the two and nothing more: Mara has been happy together for years Married to film producer Nicola Carrarowhom she met at the beginning of the first decade of the twenty-first century and married him in 2006. On more than one occasion, Fener defined him as the great love of her life, and went so far as to say “to have a donkey” In meeting him, she is at a point in life where she no longer expects to find such a fulfilling relationship. The two now alternate between their home in central Rome and the villa in Santo Domingo, theirs “Good retreat.”

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