‘I am a virgin’: Former Sanremo star out in public, words that make people discuss

‘I am a virgin’: Former Sanremo star out in public, words that make people discuss

‘I’m a Virgin’: Former Sanremo Star Comes Out in Public, Words That Make People Discuss. Exciting revelation, but in keeping with the character

to me Sanremo Festival He has been the protagonist many times and on every occasion he made us think but also discuss. There was also in the last version, at the invitation of Irama, why Gianluca Grignani It is a reference point for many young Italian musicians.

Amadeus (ANSA)

to me Sanremo 2022 He was talking too much about the performance and somehow got him in trouble too Amadeus, but then the Milanese singer-songwriter explained it all. Now he’s back to speak during ‘Second Life’ on Real Time, who gave him an interview Gabriel Barbiglia. And captivated how he is going through this moment in life.

I’m a virgin In a sense, I have to be completely pure with myself. And today they are, as they were not before. I only move when I come back to the wall, I have to be excited, in the balance.” A creative impulse and a desire to get back to life as usual, because in the past two years he has missed the stage and communication with the audience a lot. But he admits that it was not always this way’, Because there was a time when he always wanted to escape from the stage.

The former Sanremo star is coming out, and the mistakes of the past have worked to grow

In an interview with Parpiglia, Gianluca Grignani spoke openly about the problems and ghosts he’s had to face over the years. Such as His separation from his wife Francesca, who is also a mother to her four children. A marriage that lasted 17 years but is now behind us, even if they maintain healthy relationships.

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His fight against drugs was the most difficult. . said Cocaine She entered his life when he was still a boy, partly for fun and partly to imitate others. “I’ve always enjoyed trying everything, and I’ve enjoyed it. And I’m not just talking about drugs. That goes for food, and it also goes for the extreme sports I do, like mountaineering for skiing.”

Gianluca Grignani (ANSA)

Today, however, he realizes, “Cocaine was a huge mistake, nonsense. Shooting cocaine is not like a joint job, there is no comparison. Cocaine distorts the true perception of things.”

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