The fundamental openness between Russia and the United States

The fundamental openness between Russia and the United States

Contrary to troubling claims from some time ago, which threatened to shut down air relations, NASA astronauts will return to fly on Russian rockets, according to A deal was announced recentlyAnd, Russian cosmonauts, likewise, will take a trip to the International Space Station thanks to SpaceX.

According to NASA and Russian officials, the deal guarantees that the space station will always have at least one on board American and Russian This is to ensure trouble-free management on both sides of the outpost.

The important exchange had been in the works for some time and was completed despite the now known tensions resulting from the conflict in Ukraine; A sign of continued cooperation Between Russia and the United States in space.

US astronaut Frank Rubio will blast off from Kazakhstan, with two Russians, toward the space station in September. In addition, in the same month, Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikina will join Americans and Japanese on a SpaceX rocket, flying from Florida.

NASA said the deal.It will ensure that operations continue in complete safetyIn the space station e You will protect those who live on board. In fact, there are currently seven people in orbit: we “Astrosamanta” Cristoforetti With three Americans arriving with SpaceX, and three Russians instead arriving at the station with Soyuz.

Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, said in a statement.The agreement aims to ensure that, in case of emergency Due to the cancellation or severe delay of a Russian or American space launch, at least one Roscomos cosmonaut and one NASA cosmonaut will be present to serve the Russian and American divisions, respectively.“.

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This grand “opening” comes shortly after the European Space Agency’s work earlier this week severed ties with Russia, He put a mission on standby to take a spacecraft to Mars, infuriating Russian space chief Dmitry Rogozin who, in response, banned astronauts on the International Space Station from using a European-made robotic arm.

Perhaps this emphasis on cooperation between the United States and Russia illustrates how science should be a paranormal and a harbinger of communication between peoples. Our progress is an important goal that must be pursued.

Speaking of the International Space Station, here’s a nice video of Cristoforetti from the space station.

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