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From Federica Banderali

Pierre and influencer: «In the New Year we were out for dinner, I took a picture of the dishes. Now I don’t post anything, it no longer comes spontaneously as before ». Other victims of house rats include Chiara Biasi and Tommaso Zorzi

Martina Maccheroni, 30, pierre and influencer, still has a fearful voice when she talks about The New Year’s Eve robbery at his home in Milan, in which he lives with partner Lorenzo and twins Ines and Elde, born last May. “The house was burgled, and they took everything.” Martina posted on her Instagram account, followed by 127,000 followers, a CCTV video of the building showing four women – elegantly dressed – walking out entirely undisturbed with her designer handbags, suitcases full of stolen goods. All kinds and clothes are placed in a special place. hangers;

“They looked like professionals, and I don’t think they acted out of hunger or necessity,” says young Brianza, who formerly worked on Chiara Ferragni and is now head of influencer marketing at Westwing.My family and I were partying outside. The neighbors who were in the house were toasting the New Year and it was clear that the caretaker of the house was not present, with time.” The thieves acted unobtrusively: within thirty minutes they took all the bags in Macheroni’s house and filled them as much as possible. “They stripped the whims of many women,” says Martina. In addition to stealing cash, jewels and bags of famous and well-known brands, they concluded by taking a tour of my bathroom where they took my hair dryer and straighteners as well as creams, perfumes and lipsticks.” not everything. The four thieves also broke into the twin girls’ room and stole all the little girls’ dresses: ‘Seeing the empty drawers is what bothers me the most about settling down. Nothing was left, not even baby bottles and pacifier holders.”

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A theft reopens the question of how Instagram can make the homes of stars more spying from the outside and thus potentially more attractive to criminals. “Social media is born for positive engagement but it all depends on the eye of the beholder,” says Martina (and one of Chiara Ferragne’s best friends, so much so that she’s also present on the TV series The Ferragnez). “In my case – he continues -, that evening, I did not share the fact that I was far from home but put only plates of what I was eating. It could have been my table. At the moment, I no longer post on social media because it no longer comes as spontaneous and natural to me as it once was. I no longer have such a ‘light’ attitude after being robbed and such a gross violation of my privacy.” Comrade Lorenzo Belloni thought of sending a clear signal to the thieves who shared on Instagram, in a series of stories, several newspaper articles on the Internet that reported the news of the theft with a clear message: “We will find you.”

Maccheroni is the latest influencer to have been robbed in Milan: Last October 18, it was Chiara Biasi’s turn (3.2 million followers), thieves stole not only designer clothes, but also luxury bags and watches. In mid-December thieves visited Tommaso Zorzi (1.9 million followers) said, a few days after the house was found burglarized: “I felt raped. I’m going to stop using social media, it’s an experience I don’t want anyone to, because you feel violated. The house is completely upside down. There was no sock that was not touched to look for things to steal. It’s a shock, it feels uncomfortable.” In 2020, the Milan police had already arrested a gang of thieves who committed robberies in the presenter’s homes. Diletta LottaFormer Inter player Achraf Hakimi And the influencer Eleonora Encardona.

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