Is it possible to reach an agreement amid the confrontation?

Is it possible to reach an agreement amid the confrontation?

The ability to govern the state

The leader of the People’s Party confirms that he is ready to negotiate and expects a long meeting

MadridThe day after the meeting between the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, and the state president, Pere Aragones, it was the turn of the leader of the People’s Party, Alberto Nunez Viejo. Once he had assumed the role of President of the Opposition, with Sánchez invested and the coalition executive formed, the meeting was held that had been proposed by the Spanish President two weeks earlier and which Figo had taken ten days to accept, arguing that it was first necessary for Moncloa to send him in writing what the agenda would be. The written letter did not arrive, but the PP leader also announced on Wednesday that he would meet there and raised in a letter the issues he wanted to discuss.

Is it possible for them to reach an agreement amid the confrontation? The encounter they faced this week showed that the atmosphere is at its most tense. However, Feijóo confirmed on Thursday in an interview with Antena 3 that he will try. Later, in an informal conversation with reporters at the traditional Christmas Cup at the state headquarters of the People’s Party, he insisted that he was ready to agree and that he would not refuse to talk about any issue, including the renewal of the party’s General Council. The judiciary (CGPJ), is suspended for five years and is the point at which the SWP exerts the most pressure. The Minister of the Presidency and Justice, Felix Bolaños, returned to it in an appearance before Congress. “Spanish democracy will be severely damaged,” he said.

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However, sources from the PP leadership indicate that everything will depend on Sanchez’s position. They stress that it is not worth trying to agree only on what concerns the Spanish president without the Socialists being willing to concede on other points. “I will see if I can do something for my country,” said Figo, who blames Sanchez for treating him with contempt and not passing documents to him before. A very different atmosphere from the one that was breathed in the Palau de la Generalitat, where Sanchez and Aragonés reported several agreements on Thursday.

But the same sources expect a long meeting and see possibilities for closing the amendment to Article 49 of the Constitution to abolish the concept. decreased If the SWP assures them that there will be no referendum vote and no amendments will be made. They also stress that Vox’s criticism of the reality of their dialogue with PSOE will not slow them down.

Feijóo has already warned with a letter that he also wants to talk about amnesty, negotiating with independence or proposing censorship in Pamplona. In addition, the Paris Protocol now also adds the return of the state to the capital of Telefonica or the crisis in the Red Sea among the topics to be discussed. Sanchez confirmed on Wednesday that he was ready to talk about anything wherever he wanted the leader of the People’s Party, who responded by forcing the meeting to be held in Congress instead of the Palau de la Moncloa Palace, where it is usual. It will finally be held at 10.30 in the fireplace room of the Chamber of Deputies, which almost four years ago was the scene of the signing of the coalition agreement that Sánchez initialed with the former Bodim leader, Pablo Iglesias.

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