How to understand where to place the bed in relation to the window: This will improve your comfort

How to understand where to place the bed in relation to the window: This will improve your comfort

Positioning your bed in the right position is essential to ensuring a peaceful and deep night's rest: what do you need to know?

In Eastern culture, the art of arranging furniture inside rooms is called Feng Shui and has a very high dignity. Unfortunately, we in the West do not give the same importance to the positive or negative effects that interior design can have on our lives, but we must start paying maximum attention to it.

Feng Shui is based on this principle The space of the home environment must be organized so that energy can flow freely, It does not remain “trapped” and therefore does not “stagnate” inside the house.

For this purpose it is always essential Take into account the orientation of the rooms in relation to the cardinal points And of course too The path of sunlight through the room During the day. In addition, it will always be necessary Equip spaces with only necessary furniture. Without the risk of making the room too stuffy and crowded due to an excessive number of furniture or too large furniture.

Besides this it is important Carefully study the layout of the main elements of the room scale This is to organize the rest of the furniture around them.

Where do you place the bed in relation to the window? Supreme rules

The main function of the bedroom is to put our mind and body into a state of calm and tranquility Relax and calm He is capable of that Facilitating the transition from wakefulness to sleep.

How to arrange a bedroom window

A window that is too bright should be darkened –

for this reason The orientation of the bed relative to the window It can really make the difference between a cozy and comfortable room and one that's difficult to sleep long and deep in.

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Generally The headboard of a bed should never be placed against a wall that has a window. The reason is that the walls surrounding the house form the only barrier between us and the outside environment which in the city can be very crowded and therefore very noisy.

The bed should never be placed even facing a window Because it increases the probability of this The sun hits it just after dawn Therefore, light makes us wake up early or makes us sleep poorly.

Therefore, the bed should be placed parallel to the window wall. That is, make sure that the side edge of the bed extends next to the wall. This way you will be less likely to be disturbed by light filtering through the window. Apart from this There is a window on the side and a door at the foot of the bed We will own Everything is under control Our minds will be able to relax more easily because they will consider themselves safe.

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