March 25, 2023

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It’s the first Xbox for half of the buyers –

According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, on the occasion of the financial statements published in the past few hours, a very interesting feature also appears regarding the Xbox Swhich seems to work great as a console for Expand the ecosystem to a new audiencesince l Half of the first Xbox buyers are Ever.

This is primarily a confirmation of the success of the console in question, given that it may have been built for that purpose: “About half of Xbox Series S buyers are new to our ecosystem,” Nadella explained as the financials spread, which also highlighted a record Xbox quarter driven by the sale of consoles. control.

This means that the Xbox Series S acts as an item for Attract new audiences who had never purchased an Xbox console before, effectively expanding the use of the Microsoft ecosystem. While the Xbox Series X is more suitable for enthusiastic gamers looking for high performance, as well as to satisfy already loyal Xbox users, the Xbox Series S’s low price is clearly attractive even to those who haven’t considered buying before. Effectively expand audiences in new directions.

Added to this is probably the allure of the Xbox Game Pass, which has been combined with price The Xbox Series S gives you access to a large catalog of games at a relatively low cost, at least compared to other possible solutions. Despite some controversy that has arisen recently about the possibility that the console could somehow limit the capabilities of the new generation, therefore, its ubiquity makes the Xbox Series S an increasingly important component of Microsoft’s strategy.

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