Google, with this hidden function will surprise everyone: few people know about it

Google, with this hidden function will surprise everyone: few people know about it

Google is revamping itself and offering its users many new features, including one that can be discovered and used instantly.

Not only security: thanks to the latest updates, those with a Google account can experience many fun new features.

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Recently, for example, there is a specific function in Gmail, which is the ability to respond to received messages with smileys or with emojis. This is a very useful function and also fun, because you can give an instant response to people who have sent you a message without necessarily having to write an email.

But beyond that There is another function that is conquering all users: it is Emojii Kitchen, and it is absolutely worth a tryAnd also because it can be used from PC and mobile phone. The good news is that it will also be able to be used by iPhone users, who will also be able to use the stickers on their iMessages.

Google, how Emoji Kitchen works, and how to activate the function

Those who love smileys, stickers and emojis will be happy to know that with Google, from today onwards, you will be able to play with creativity and impress all your contacts.

Emoji Kitchen how it works
To use Emoji Kitchen, simply go to the Google search bar – L’

practically You can mix different images and create unique images: Strawberries, mouse, star flag, smiley heart and everything else that comes to mind. An absolute novelty that has already won the admiration of many users. Google says there are thousands and thousands of combinations that can be obtained by mixing emojis and the result is countless new stickers to use in chats for all compatible apps. The graphical result is therefore immediate and therefore very easy to implement and instant to create.

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To start using the Emoji Kitchen function, it is not even necessary to install anything and just a few simple steps: either from a PC or a mobile phone Just go to the Google search bar Type “emoji Kitchen,” then the “Start” button. At that point, all you have to do is choose the emoji you want to mix and then you can continue as you want until you achieve the desired result.

The smiley image that appears can be copied and then pasted into chats, apps, websites, or all compatible apps. Experts will be able to create practically innovative, fun and completely unique things.

Therefore, it is an interesting new thing to try right away, to send your friends the most unusual and never-before-seen smileys.

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