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Giada Oricchio

America and Britain are “crazy, immoral, and counterfeit”. like him Maria ZakharovaA spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry described the statements of US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson about an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine.

in an interview exclusive for “Fourth Republic‘, the talk show hosted by Nicolas Burrow, Monday 14 February In prime time Rete 4, Zakharova did not slur the words: “When we hear statements from the White House and Downing Street about the fact that Russia intends to attackWe understand that they can state it just crazyThe immoral lunatics who visit.” And after the first blow, the second blow: “The United States has never waged a war on its soil and perhaps that is why they say lightly even now. Russia is going to war against Ukraine – They do not understand our mentality: we are Slavs, we are people who consider themselves a unique people, because we have a common history for many centuries. We have problems, yes, but our ancestors fought side by side against fascism, we have families in common. My family, in part, is a Ukrainian family. Half of my family has Ukrainian surnames.”

Then Zakharova wanted to make it clear that historically Russia is not a belligerent country: “We know what wars are. In the twentieth century, we fought a war on our lands that claimed the lives of twenty million citizens. We know that there is nothing more precious than peace. No country has suffered as much as it has suffered. Our country. Our country has never been an aggressor, has never attacked, or waged, or started world wars.”

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