It will cost very little, in the end everyone can get it

It will cost very little, in the end everyone can get it

Fiat will relaunch the Panda 4×4, which has been discontinued. Reliability and prices will be unbeatable.

Fiat It is preparing to return to the market with a car so beloved by enthusiasts, which has been absent from production for some time: it is the Fiat Panda 4 × 4.

Born in the 1980s, the Fiat Panda immediately conquered the small car market thanks to the perfect combination of basic aesthetics, reliability and economy. The wide margin for both aesthetics and engine personalization won the hearts of Italians, so much so that when the 4×4 version appeared in 1983, everyone fell in love with it.

output from Panda 4×4 Discontinued by Stellantis during the Covid period. The group chose to stop production due to a chip production drop that would encompass all global car production in 2022. Stellantis wanted to avoid long customer wait times, and so chose to stop. Now, however, it could be back in production. It was the latest 4×4 model with all-wheel drive and an 85-horsepower TwinAir turbo engine. The Start & Stop system allowed the Panda to consume 18.5 km per liter.

Fiat, here’s the new Panda 4 × 4: reliability and economy

Fiat will return to the off-road market by bringing back the Panda 4×4, which enthusiasts love so much, into production. The latest version of the 4×4 Panda was introduced in 2014 during the Geneva Motor Show and named pass.

Fiat ready to launch the new Panda 4 × 4 on the market (

The new 4×4 should be put into production At the end of 2023, and it must introduce some aesthetic and technological modifications. Its classic muscular style would be accompanied by different versions of the engines, each perhaps with a different class inspired by the Centoventi. It will be possible to choose between a thermal or electric version, while the latest driving assistance and safety technologies will be available, such as the introduction of Adas systems, light and rain sensors and lane departure warning. The redesigned steering wheel should allow management of the car’s infotainment system, which will also have wireless charging for smartphones.

Fiat decided that the new 4×4 would jointly enter the city car market, which is why the decision was made to keep costs reasonable and popular. Thus, the new Fiat Panda 4×4 will have a cost that should be there 16 thousand euros.

In short, Fiat is ready to return with a car that has long been a source of pride for the Italian automaker. Pay attention to the coming months, because the market can revolutionize.

This post was last modified on June 11, 2023

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