How they can fool you all in a second – Libero Quotidiano

How they can fool you all in a second – Libero Quotidiano

stripping news He is always very attentive to the reports he receives about him tricks which are spread all over Italy. Typically, these are organized network scams, where users are misled by messages, emails or links whose sole purpose is to steal sensitive data from them or gain access to bank accounts.

This time, the satirical news channel Canale 5 chose to focus on an increasingly widespread scam, receiving numerous reports: it is the channel where criminals use Package From keys, pretending to find it on the ground, to distract those who just got into the car and in the meantime allow an accomplice to steal the bag left in the car. On the surface, it may seem a petty scam, but it seems to have a high success rate for criminals, who above all take advantage of the elderly, perhaps less visible and ready to see the imminent danger.

Unfortunately, this scam seems to be becoming very popular. Striscia la Notizia showed how it works using some actors: while a criminal shows a woman who has just entered a car a set of keys on the floor, an accomplice steals the bag from the other side of the car.

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