January 27, 2023

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The price of the game and the upgrade to the Deluxe Edition has been revealed by a well-known leaker – Multiplayer.it

Xbox Games Studios has plenty of PC and Xbox games in the works. Fans are waiting for an example to see when they can get their hands on it Redfall, the new game from Arkane Games (Prey, Dishonored). Unfortunately, the date has not been revealed yet, but through well-known leaker Billbil-kun we have the opportunity to find out game price in Europe on the Xbox Series X | version S: 79.99 euros. Moreover, the price of the upgrade to the Deluxe Edition is also indicated: 29.99 euros.

We repeat that it is just a leak and not official information Belbel Con He’s a well-known and trusted leaker who regularly shares early announcements like those from PS Plus or the Epic Games Store.

The prices are also in line with the game’s expectations. Redfall is clearly a big budget AAA and nowadays games of this caliber on current gen cost €79.99. So the most interesting part is the price to upgrade to Deluxe Edition: €29.99 This is no small number and brings the whole package to the price of 110 euros.

At the moment we do not know exactly the contents of the Deluxe Edition of Redfall, but we assume that it includes various additional contents, between the aesthetic and the more fun.

Redfall one first person shooter, which can be played both in single player and in cooperative mode. As a group of vampire hunters, we will have to eliminate a series of creatures of the night with different weapons and unique abilities. We remind you that it will also be available on Game Pass.

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We previously found out about the possible release date via a leak.