In the boring teachers at school, I loved learning about my work

In the boring teachers at school, I loved learning about my work

From 14 October on Rai3 every Friday at 3:00 pm Prepararsi al futuro, 16 episodes designed and written by Piero Angela will be broadcast. His last TV post opened this series of specials with a memory: “I went to high school, and I had no professors who made me love science subjects. I realized that later, with my job as a journalist.”

from 14 october On Rai3 every Friday at 15.00 Rai Cultura . presents Prepare for the futureseries of 16 episodes I conceived and wrote it Piero Angela It is dedicated to the new generations, that is, to the young people who attend Italian schools today and who will one day be responsible for the society of the future.

Piero Angela’s last televised speech

Piero Angela, in the last period of his life, decided to devote himself to climate change and the search for new sources of energy, but also to the search for new ones.The role of science and technology in modern society. He explains it well in the final TV message that will open the series of specials starting tomorrow afternoon. A speech shared today by part of the Italian press at a press conference dedicated to his memory and legacy. Below, the words of the well-known celebrity, who left a huge void and who now, as CEO Carlo Fortez has identified, his son will be his successor. Alberto Angela.

We will talk about the fundamental role of science and technology in modern society. I have a conversation with you, in which I will try to list some of the things I have learned in all these years. This is the studio with the historical furnishings of Superquark, even the same team of reporters, who have accompanied me all these years. And there will be a surprise, a cartoon by Bruno Pozzetto that, in a fun but relevant way, will address the topics covered. I attended Classical High School several years ago and most of the program was aimed at studying the past. There were also scientific subjects, but perhaps I was not so lucky, I had no teachers who made me love science: They were boring, pedantic, uninvolved. Later I understood, thanks to my work as a journalist, Which helped me to understand how some things were not taught to me, for example the method of science, grammar, ethics, the joy of discovery, the philosophy of knowledge. At that time I started reading books and magazines and doing science and technology programmes. A full time job to learn how to think new. If I tell you this personal story, it’s because I’ve wondered how important it is for you to take up science and technology, in an ever-changing way.

The goal of the entire project is to prepare for the future

The main objective of the project, in fact, is to include ideas in the curricula of the last three years of high school to reflect on the importance of scientific culture in a modern society and especially in Italy and about the challenges posed by globalization and climate change. All this requires a new culture, which combines humanistic and literary culture and the extraordinary heritage of the past. Piero Angela leaves us with a profound vision of modern society starting with the view of everything that surrounds us as a complex interconnected “technological” ecosystem, the secret threads of development, research, the environment, the economy and their working depend on a conscious and wide-ranging scientific culture, and on the ability to tackle problems. Because technology, if used incorrectly, can cause serious damage and even cause disasters. And according to the great scholarly writer, the school could not give up its primary pedagogical role in this field either. It is the only institution that can help new generations understand the world they will have to live in and train those ruling classes who will have to personally manage the changes and challenges to make our planet Earth adventure more sustainable.

All episodes of preparing for the future

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wind and solar
Energy Efficiency
ecological footprint
new farming
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Science and Technology
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Artificial intelligence
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