Serena Bortoni and Rosanna Fratello froze it: ‘Let’s lock it up here’

Serena Bortoni and Rosanna Fratello froze it: ‘Let’s lock it up here’

Clash on tv between Serena Burton And Rosanna Brother to Today is another day. The singer was replaced by a jest from the announcer who immediately elicited an annoyed response. After thanking Fratello for being in the studio to surprise singer-songwriter Nicola De Bari, Bortone said: “The joys and sorrows of life … I know, because you talked about them in another interview, about your brother Giovanni, you took life. …”, said the presenter. , surprise the guest with a sentence that actually goes to delve into the private life of Rosanna Fratello.

However, the answer was not long in coming, and the brother, looking annoyed, replied: “I’d rather close it here because it’s something very special, it happened 40 years ago and today I’d rather talk about it, Nicola de Bari.”

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Burton’s question immediately sparked a social storm with many users targeting it: “Burton’s appetite that must speak to the personal afflictions of the guests. They commented more than once with ‘Let’s end it here.'” In short, an avoidable misstep.

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