How much does petrol cost today?

How much does petrol cost today?

The cost of petrol, diesel and LPG has seen changes as of December 1st, as we mentioned. Indeed, throughout Italy, due to the new decree published in the Official Gazette no. 274 On November 23, the government decided to intervene. We will redefine the excise duty reduction.

Higher rates lead to one slight discount Compared to what we’ve been used to in recent months, we’re going from a decrease of about 30 cents per liter to about 18 cents per liter.

Obviously, these changes will Raise the price of fuel across the country, as previously announced. Decree-Law n. 179 published in the Official Gazette Issue. Decision No. 274 of November 23, 2022 re-determines tax duties on petrol, diesel and gas.

What happened on the first of December

From December 1, and possibly until the end of the year, it will be in effect new values So the discount on the price of the pump changes, from 30 to about 18 cents, almost half.

changes will not affect methane, Note that no intervention in this regard was included in the decree. This includes gasoline, diesel and LPG. As excise tax rates increase, so will prices, which have recently returned to “acceptable” levels. Increased prices that add to the already difficult situation for our country, where Inflation and rising bills greatly affect families.

Codacon and other consumer associations are making themselves heard; It is clear that the government’s decision will lead to an increase in prices, and that will be a tragedy for many citizens. But let’s see what happened in the last few hours.

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Stock splash: what’s going on?

Latest news from Staveta Quotidiana from this morning: Oil prices are falling, Brent crude closed yesterday below $80, which is the lowest level since January, while the prices of refined products drop to levels at the end of February, the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine (the war broke out for the last time). February 24 How can we forget that). The result is that it is obvious Fuel prices are falling With a new tour, it will fall below the recommended prices of the big brands. A situation we did not expect.

As emerges from the usual Staffetta Quotidiana survey, this morning Eni lowered the recommended prices for petrol and diesel by one cent per litre. Tamuel did the same too. Instead, we recorded a decrease of 3c/l on petrol and 4c/l on diesel in Q8 and IP.

Let’s see together what they are now Average prices charged Sent by the operators to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development and processed by Staveta Quotidiana, collected at 8 am yesterday (December 6, 2022) on nearly 15,000 stations:

  • Self-service petrol costs €1.734/l (-2 ppt, companies 1.734, white pumps 1.732);
  • Self-service diesel costs €1.808/l (-4, companies 1.811, white pumps 1.803);
  • petrol offered at 1.876 €/l (-2, co 1.917, white pumps 1.794);
  • diesel fuel offered at 1950 euros / liter (-3, 1994 comp, white pumps 1863);
  • LPG was offered at €0.775/L (no change, companies 0.784, white pumps 0.764);
  • Methane is offered at 2.384 €/kg (+22, comp 2.349, white pumps 2.411);
  • Liquefied gas 2.257 € / kg (+1 comp 2.285 € / kg white pumps 2.236 € / kg).
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The ones you see below are Highway prices:

  • Self-service petrol costs €1,833/l;
  • petrol in serving mode at 2.093 / liter;
  • self-catering diesel at 1.902 €/l;
  • Diesel is offered at 2.160/litre;
  • LPG at 0.870 EUR/L;
  • methane at 2.326 €/kg;
  • LNG at 2.147 EUR/kg.

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