February 3, 2023

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Long weekend of the Immaculate Conception, bookings for art cities doubled. International arrivals, especially from the USA and Spain

Italy is recovering, with bookings increasing by up to 100 percent in some art cities. For the Feast of the Immaculate Conception from December 7 to 11, offers on major Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) recorded a good saturation rate for accommodation facilities. This is the figure that emerges from a study by the national tourism agency Enit.

Reservations peaks at the Immaculate Conception

Available room bookings in accommodation facilities on OTA channels are currently 35% for the week of December 5-12, up from 19.6% in the same period in 2021. With a peak on the days of the Immaculate Conception from December 8-10 when the The respective saturation rate to 43.8%, 50.2% and 44.9% against 14.6%, 16.7% and 19.7% in 2021.

Mountain tourism leads the season

Mountain tourism leads the season, being at the top of preferences and always on long weekend days, it far exceeds the national average with 62.4%, 68.9% and 60.0% of available booking. The lake also did well (Dec 8 47.4%; Dec 9 52.4%: Dec 10 49.8%), cultural tourism (48.3%; 56.1%; 47.8%) and thermal tourism (51.6%; 53.1%; 46.4%).

Airline bookings from abroad to Italy + 57.3%

International travelers confirm their preferences for Italy even in anticipation of this Christmas. For the week from 5 to 11 December, there are more than 74,000 air bookings for Italy from abroad and +57.3% increase compared to the same period in 2021. They are above all travelers from the USA and the Iberian Peninsula.

Arrivals from the USA and Spain are at the top

Coming from the US (10,689; +37.9% in 2021) and Spanish assets, which also recorded the largest growth compared to the same week in 2021 (7,168; +78.8%). The data from France is slightly lower, which is currently experiencing a -4.1% decline this week. Italy does not reach the volumes of its rivals Spain and France but outperforms them in terms of growth performance by +57.3% in the week 5-11 December 2022 in 2021 compared to Spain (+ 15.5%), France (+42.7%) and Greece (+48.1%) exceeded by 10 percentage points.

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