Marriott hotels are going digital

Marriott hotels are going digital

Marriott International, one of the chains Hotels The most important in the world, has just launched a platform: Oracle Hospitality called OPERA Cloud and it will be used in its luxury, premium, select service and mid-sized establishments.

Comprehensive solution

Availability of the new platform Hotels A comprehensive solution with which sales, partner plugins and even events can be managed. “The system allows us to enable companies like Marriott to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers, while increasing efficiency and revenue across their operations,” he explains. Alex alternativeExecutive Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Hospitality.

to improve

Through this new tool, the group will be able to improve its hotel operations and product offerings to customers, as well as centralize data from the company's global assets, in order to provide more valuable information and improve planning and “customer service.” The platform included by Marriott Group is also suitable for managing everything from meeting rooms to blocking rooms and Catering. Meanwhile, Marriott is improving its HR systems with another solution oracle Fusion Cloud Category for Human Capital Management.

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