Control of myopia in children and adolescents

Control of myopia in children and adolescents

The best myopia control options for children and teensFreePik

Treatments to control disease progression Nearsightedness They are necessary during the growth stage, especially between the ages of six and above 18 yearsbecause it occurs when the eye undergoes greater development, and therefore is more susceptible to it Increased myopia. a Soller Optical Centera lazinessare pioneers in this field, offering comprehensive myopia management with A Personal approach.

A choice he offers Soller Optical Center They are soft disposable contact lenses, which have been shown to reduce up to one lens 59% Increased myopia.

next to, Contact lenses for night use s ORTS They are an alternative to them, which are hard lenses that are worn at night to correct the shape of the cornea and reduce myopia. This treatment effective, comfortable It can reduce the increase in disease in the long term.

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Among other options, the Manresa Center has also integrated… Control of myopia with ocular lenses, which are worn like regular glasses and help stabilize the increase in myopia, improving long-term results. This innovative option complements existing treatments, offering your patients a full range of solutions to combat myopia and its problems Maintain visual health.

a Soller Optical CenterEach case is studied in detail and customized, taking into account the patient's personal preferences to adapt the treatment and ensure optimal and desired results. By taking an approach focused on prevention and control, we at Soler Center Visual ensure… commitment To provide their patients with the best options for managing myopia and maintaining healthy vision throughout life.

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For more information or to resolve doubts, contact them Professionals It is available to everyone who needs it.

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