How difficult is it for Ukrainian refugees to enter the United States

How difficult is it for Ukrainian refugees to enter the United States

The United States will facilitate the entry of Ukrainian refugees. Starting next April 25, a plan strongly backed by President Joe Biden will begin to ensure faster procedures to welcome people fleeing the war in Ukraine. The plan, called “Union for Ukraine,” guarantees access to some 100,000 Ukrainian refugees and donates $1 billion to help European countries facing the most serious humanitarian crisis since World War II.

Russia-Ukraine War: Breaking News Live

The program anticipates that the process of issuing a temporary visa for Ukrainians who have a sponsor in the United States, whether a person or an American non-profit organization, can be completed within one week. Refugees will still have to undergo “strict” safety and health checks, including vaccination against Covid. Once all requirements are met, they will be able to obtain a humanitarian permit to remain in the United States for up to two years. Only in this way will they be able to apply for a work permit.

Entry via Mexico

The path to entry into the states is bumpy. The Ukrainians, who did not choose the neighboring countries of the European Union to save themselves from the bombs of Moscow’s forces, crossed the Atlantic Ocean towards the United States. And all at their expense. In fact, the US does not airlift the Ukrainians, as it did the Afghans in the wake of the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

According to US immigration data, more than 5,000 Ukrainians attempted to enter the United States in March, including 3,274 from the border with Mexico. Entry through the Central American country, which does not require visas for Ukrainians, has been a temporary procedure for many Ukrainians who have tried to join their relatives in the United States since the start of the war. So Biden wanted to press the accelerator for a process that would take years instead, after downsizing the refugee program wanted by former President Donald Trump.

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Migrants arrested and flogged by border police

The reception rules rewritten by the Trump administration are an obstacle to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians arriving in the United States. For many, the first stop is the city of Tijuana, on the border between Mexico and the United States: in a place that symbolizes government control of immigration flows, Ukrainians wait days or weeks in government structures. Refugees wishing to cross the border face obstacles from laws designed to prevent the trafficking of migrant children.

Like The New York Times reportsDozens of Ukrainian children have been separated from their friends and relatives at the Mexican border due to a law in force since 2008 that gives US border authorities the power to place “unaccompanied minors” into government shelters, run by the Department of Health and Human Services: Here, where Child Reservation In South America, there are now Ukrainian minors waiting for the appointment and approval of a “teacher”.

The Child Trafficking Act, as referred to by the US Department of Security, defines “unaccompanied” as any child without a parent or legal guardian, who must therefore be transferred to a government reception center, pending examination of the children’s documents. The law aims to reduce the phenomenon of child trafficking. Activists stress the length of the process of assessing practices stipulated in the Child Trafficking Law, which put children themselves at risk of exploitation and trafficking of minors.

According to the New York newspaper, US authorities have not released data on the number of Ukrainian children separated from caregivers, but volunteers working with refugees counted at least 50. Every day up to 20 minors arrive in Tijuana. Parents who remained in Ukraine often entrust these children and adolescents to accompany them to the United States. After escaping conflict and without parents, minors wait weeks in centers before returning to teachers. Shock increases the shock of war.

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EU plan: “Vaccines for Ukrainians against tuberculosis, polio, measles and Covid-19”

Americans for Hospitality

Biden’s move is in response to Americans’ intentions, largely in favor of welcoming Ukrainian refugees. according to YouGov Poll This month, of the 1,500 Americans surveyed, 54 percent support Ukrainians joining, and 25 percent are against. a Pew Poll He said 57 percent of Republicans and 80 percent of Democrats were in favor of welcoming Ukrainian refugees.

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