March 30, 2023

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The Central Bank of Russia is trying to move the $630 billion treasury to tax havens: it has been blocked by the United States

According to the Americans, since the sanctions were announced, the Russians have tried to secure several billion

The US administration has banned individuals and companies from doing business and operations with the Russian Central Bank, the Russian Sovereign Wealth Fund, and the Russian Ministry of Finance. “This measure will effectively freeze any assets of the Russian Central Bank in the United States or with American citizens, wherever they are,” a statement from the US Treasury said.

Attempts to transfer assets to tax havens – Since the sanctions were announced on Saturday, the Russian Central Bank has been working to move its assets into safe havens. This came on the lips of an American official quoted by American media, stressing that 630 billion dollars of the reserves of the Central Bank were considered for a long time an insurance policy, but with “today’s decision” to suspend all transactions with the central institution, “yes, it is deleted.” This insurance.”

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