PlayStation, a new portable console coming? Suggested by Tom Henderson

PlayStation, a new portable console coming?  Suggested by Tom Henderson

Play Station will work on one New portable consoleOr at least that’s what he suggests Tom Henderson: The well-known leaker wanted to specify that the unreleased Sony-branded devices, which he talked about in a recent broadcast, had not been mentioned before.

So it’s easy to dismiss: Henderson said that new details on the PS5 Pro will arrive in the next two months, and on the same occasion he also discussed the first information about PS6which according to their sources should debut in 2028.

You’ll also remember how the leaker already talked about a PS5 with a removable disc player, a model that will replace the two versions of the console currently on sale, the Standard Edition and the Digital Edition, which he says will be released in September.

Covering all these boxes, as Henderson’s followers immediately pointed out, the only thing left is exactly that New portable playstationwhich marks a remarkable return for the Japanese company in a sector that for several years seemed to be monopolized by smartphones.

The leaker says it’s not an April Fool’s joke, but he doesn’t go far. He recently explained that his reports are always based on concrete information verified through photographs and documents or non-disclosure agreements provided by the source on duty, and there is no reason to doubt that this is again the case.

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