Honda Motorcycles presented the HRC to Marini and Mir

The RC213V was presented in Madrid for the new season with technical and aesthetic innovations, with blue and red dominating at the expense of the historic Repsol colours. Valentino's brother who arrived instead of Marc Marquez: “It's not the best moment but we are here to get back to the top of the world”

The 2024 Honda MotoGP was presented in Madrid, with clear innovations in aesthetics, as well as in technology, appearing in the dominant blue color, compared to the usual color of sponsor Repsol. Colors aside, the Tokyo home, orphaned by Marc Márquez, is invited to an important season of reconstruction, with the duo formed by the confirmed Joan Mir and newcomer Luca Marini, brother of Valentino Rossi. “There is a lot of work to do, but we are moving in the right direction,” he says. Words that contain the essence of his new experience, with a two-year contract with a historic house, but he faces difficulty and searches for his way.


“We have to start the remontada,” Luca says in Spanish, with team manager Alberto Puig next to him, smiling smugly. On the 30th anniversary of the partnership between Repsol and Honda, the Japanese team enters year zero after a season that ended with a podium finish and ninth place in the constructors’ standings.

Restore the summit

Luca Marini introduced himself with excellent castilism, a big smile and his usual positivity. “Obviously this is not the best time for this historic bike, but we are here to get back to the top of the world. This is the motivation that has kept me here today, a common goal that we are all working towards together. There is no shortage of motivation, as well as the desire to commit. There is a lot “We have work to do, but we are on the right track.”

Wonderful and adventurous

“I am an optimist – says Joan Mir – if I had to define the season that will start in less than a month in one word, I would choose fantastic.” As for Luca, the term is “entrepreneurship.” Definitely more realistic.

Marc Marquez remained

The bike show, which took place in the Warner Bros. theater inaugurated in 2020 in Madrid's northern station, was clearly attended by the long shadow of Marc Márquez, who departed after 11 very long and often triumphant seasons. “Mark is a piece of history here, and I want to do the same,” Luca says ambitiously.


Marquez is the past, the present is made of work, ambition and the unknown: “We hope that we will be able to compete quickly – Puig's desire – and that we will be able to fight for podiums and victories after the summer.” Beside him, Joan and Luca nodded and crossed their fingers. Repsol Honda has to cross the desert, and Luca Marini is ready for the challenge. That's why he signed a two-year contract. “I am sure that this season we will actually be able to compete for the podium.”

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