Formula 1: Perez wins in Monaco, ahead of Sainz and Verstappen. Fourth Leclerc: “I have no words.” Schumacher Jr destroys Haas

Formula 1: Perez wins in Monaco, ahead of Sainz and Verstappen.  Fourth Leclerc: “I have no words.”  Schumacher Jr destroys Haas

“I love this team, but what happened today is not good. I have no wordsWe can’t do such a thing. “Charles Leclerc is furious after the Monaco race in Monte Carlo. The Ferrari driver traces the chaos that may have cost him his success, second leg.” It hurts – tell Sky -. There is a lot of racing and we have the speed, but we can’t afford to finish fourth, when we had a 6 inch lead over the second. This is painful and what is more on our land. We lose a lot of points. With the help of the team, today we made a wrong decision before and after another. Many mistakes have been made.”

We made one mistake, maybe two“It is the responsibility of Mattia Binotto, Ferrari team principal.” It was a mistake to stop him, we had to leave him on the track to defend the drive and then switch straight to the slick tyres. These are mistakes we will analyze and they will make us grow. These are events that can happen, if you allow us to become as strong as you do. “That said – he added – if Latife doesn’t block Sainz for half a lap and steps aside, Carlos wins the race.”

It was a really crazy raceBut we did everything we had to do. The right decision was to keep putting the ‘spots’ and then I got off behind a dub which spoiled our plans. It was the right choice to try to take the lead, but then I had to take 12 corners behind a wrap car: this is where I lost the win. , in Monte Carlo. “Young love? It was like that, it was difficult to enter the tunnel, I came close to trying to overtake, but if I had braked later I would have gone out,” concludes the Spaniard.

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“It was a dream and I realized it: it is dedicated to my whole country.” Sergio Perez wins for the first time this season and does so in Montecarlo. “After the race in your home – says the Mexican from Red Bull, first at the finish line of the Monaco slump and accidents – there is nothing better than winning in Monte Carlo. In the final laps it was hard to keep thinking about Sainz, but everything went on Okay “.

The Monaco GP finished on lap 64. After the verdict today, at the Monte Carlo circuit, Dutchman Max Verstappen – on Red Bull – earned a few points in the F1 Drivers’ World Championship against Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, who was chasing at -9. In fact, the world champion has 125 points in the world rankings, chasing Monaco with 116 points. Sergio Perez rose after the victory of the day to 116 points, which made him occupy third place, the British George Russell 84, and the Spaniard. Carlos Sainz is 83 years old.

The race – Sergio Perez, who was driving a Red Bull, won the Monaco Formula 1 GP, contested among thousands of interruptions at the Montecarlo Street circuit. The Mexican driver preceded Ferrari’s Spaniard Carlos Sainz Jr. at the finish line. Third, the other Red Bull, Dutch world champion Max Verstappen, and Monaco fourth Charles Leclerc with the other ‘Rosa’ from Maranello.

Monaco GP restarted,
In Monte Carlo, the single seat is located behind the safety car. Solid tire for Leclerc and Sainz, medium for Verstappen and Perez, who are leading the race. According to the regulation, the race must be completed within two hours (43 minutes remaining), so it is not certain that they will complete the planned 77 laps, given that only 33 have been covered so far.

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On 30/o of the scheduled 77 laps, the Monaco GP, in Montecarlo, stopped again: the drivers in the pits and out of the cars. The pavement on which Haas crashed Mick Schumacher must be repaired. The race is currently led by Perez, ahead of Sainz and Verstappen. Leclerc is fourth.

Bad accident for Mick Schumacher Jr.,
On lap 27 of the Monaco Grand Prix. The German destroyed Haas in the corner of the pools, but got out of the situation unscathed. Red flag, auto fixed.

Mick Schumacher destroyed Haas

Pullman Monaco makes a mistake in Ferrari’s strategy He finds himself behind Max Verstappen in fourth place in the Monaco GP, in Monte Carlo, when he ran 22 laps out of 77. The decision to take him back to the pit for a second tire change infuriated the ‘Rossa’ driver who found himself chasing. “Why why?” Leclerc shouted on the radio, addressing the Ferrari garage.

Plenty of water still rising, but the start of the Monaco GP in Monte Carlo, it really happened after laps with the safety car.

Bad weather forced the postponement of the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo. The race started more than an hour late.

Charles Leclerc, in a Ferrari, starts on pole position at the Monaco GP, round seven of the Formula 1 World Championship. With a time of 1’11” 376, Monaco ahead of teammate Carlos Sainz, full front row Ferrari. Behind them is the Red Bulls, and Sergio Perez in front of Max Verstappen. In the third row are Lando Norris (McLaren) and George Russell (Mercedes).

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