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On December 24, 2021 at 10:15 pm

It’s been two days since the end of the last day of Serie A and there are updates on the injured, not just Ibrahimovic and Djuricic. This is the news on Christmas Eve.

🟢 Djuric: “That’s why I left and when I come back”

pilgrims Roma, Jose Mourinho and the Fantasia coaches are waiting for Lorenzo with open arms pilgrims. The Giallorossi captain is closer than ever to recovery, as he begins his journey from Dubai, where he landed last Monday, with a personal physiotherapist (plus his family). And so on Corriere dello Sport On his return: “Pellegrini will return to Rome immediately after Christmas, and on the 27th he will be in Trigoria to start training alone, three days before the rest of the team: The goal is to be at the top to resume the championship on January 6 against Milan. Roma’s medical staff will normally monitor the player’s physical progress, who will take advantage of the break to make mini preparations. The hope, in addition to solving the muscle injury that stopped Pellegrini in the first minutes of the match against Torino, is to restore the right balance to prevent other injuries,” the report states.

Morel – Louis Morel He is unsure about staying in Atalanta in the future. After a great season (last year), he started this year with the handbrake on, thanks also to several physical issues. and the Bergamo courier He talks about his future today: “For Muriel, the intention to farewell has been confirmed, even if he has played more in the past few weeks, but without convincing. His status also needs to be checked “, as stated in the newspaper. Difficult in January, most likely in June.

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Cristo – The truth about Mimo’s case crichito. As revealed today 19th century, “the The calf discomfort caused some alarm, but the holiday week comes just in time. And Mimmo Criscito can take a break from Grifo, who is waiting for his daughter who is expected to be born these days.” The defender hopes to have Shevchenko at his disposal regularly after the start of the second half.

Bologna – He could change everything for Ricardo Ursolini In the month of January. After the goal against Sassuolo, the winger is ready to play more consistently in the new year. Talking about it today in Corriere dello Sport, who is also evaluating the condition of the injured: “From next Thursday, Mihajlovic will start thinking about the second leg against Inter. It can be confirmed that Orsolini is the second striker, especially after Barrow was called up with Gambia. But everything must be decided. Then there is stage e De Silvestri He arrived at the Reggio Emilia challenge with some small muscle discomfort. The rest of these days will be the best medicine to prepare for recovery. Even Bonifazi, who came out with convulsions from the field, would be available immediately, ”we read.

Verona Who can go back and who can’t go home? Verona After the Christmas holidays. He is evaluating the condition of the injured today Verona courier: “For the match against Spezia, Corey’s possible recovery cases must be evaluated Gunther e Nicola kalink. The situation will be clearer for both of them after the break, the same goes for Antonin Barak. The Czech player was not even called up for the match against Fiorentina. He suffers from constant discomfort in the back. Barak was suspended for the match against Venice, and in this case he was not an employee because of the flu syndrome, then other diseases appeared, which have not yet been resolved, ”as we read. Fantasy coaches are waiting for him in the second half, as the player himself revealed.

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🔴 Milan, the result of checks for Ibrahimovic

Milan – the Milan Will find Zlatan Ibrahimovic against Roma but not only. Like Corriere della Sera Today, another important Rossoneri is expected to return during this break. “Ibra will return, Liao, Rebek and Calabria will also return: Milan is slowly getting back the pieces”, reads the newspaper today. The three players have muscle injuries and they have almost completely cleared up.

Milinkovic Lazio denies alleged feud with Maurizio Sarri Serge Milinkovic-Savic. Even the player has made it clear by denying these rumors, once again approaching Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain: a record that has been going on for years, but without negotiations. exactly the contrary. in january Shawish It certainly will not disappear.

Mertens – He’s still discussing changing Drees Mertens In the 45th minute of the challenge, then lost to Spezia. There is a lot to talk about in Naples and today Corriere dello Sport He tried to explain what had happened, re-wrapped the button and revealed a new mission detail: “Tonight with Spezia, the winner of Maradona for the second season in a row and at this point a kind of taboo for the Azzurri, it has to be said. From the Christmas toast scene suggested by De Laurentiis after the match: he tries The chief encourages everyone and invites Mertens, captain of the day and symbol of the group, to open the bottle but it’s a convenient place to stay in their seats. He is angry about replacing Betania, which Spalletti decided at the end of the first halfIt is enough to discuss it civilly with the coach during the first half, and to bring him he needs Ghulam and his companions. Merry Christmas everyone: Hello, ok and then the cazziatone team with all the trimmings signed by glam as in March in Mapei, after 3-3 caught in the last second with Sassuolo. Everyone out and out: “We can’t lose matches like this: we are Napoli! That’s just our fault.” Faouzi’s scolding to his teammates after Spezia makes us think: He’s about to finish and so far he’s only played 14 minutes between Bologna, Lazio, Milan and Spezia, yet when he needs to listen it’s first: a sense of belonging to the serious leadership. Mertens, too, made himself heard in the interval Wednesday’s game: Find out he will be replaced and ask Spalletti why and how he lives. Without drama, for heaven’s sake, but clearly after the disqualification with Milan and the ironic joke that Dries himself signed after Milan – “He’s a very good coach even if he sometimes makes strange choices” -, It is not absurd to talk about a thorny situation, at least. If not a small case‘, has been read.

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