The United States leaves the IBA, which excludes boxers, teachers, referees and managers …

The United States leaves the IBA, which excludes boxers, teachers, referees and managers …

April 27, 2023

In a letter to members United States BoxingExecutive Director Mike McAtee invoked the Declaration of Independence, calling for “The dissolution of the political gangs that linked them. to the hardcore International Boxing Association, which was renamed to the IBA in 2021.
USA Boxing it is Withdrew from the association (formerly AIBA) of which it was a founding member at the time of its inception in 1946.
In support of the decision, he noted:disrespect“by the IBA for the principles of its constitution and”Non-compliance with the Charter and the Olympic movement“.
United States wrote History of Olympic Boxing (Pictured above, from left, are three legends: Joe Frazier, gold in the 1964 Tokyo cap; George Foreman, heavyweight gold in Mexico City in 1968; Muhammad Ali went light heavyweight in Rome in the year 60 when he was still called Cassius Clay).
1. It is the country that has won the most (50 gold, 28 silver, 39 bronze for a total of 117 medals).
2. They have won the most Val Parker Trophies (going to best boxer at the Games): five. Lois Lowry at 36, Norwell Lee at 52, Howard Davis at 76, Paul Gonzales at 1984, Roy Jones at 88.
3. It is the country that has hosted the most editions of the Games: St. Louis 1904, Los Angeles 1932, Los Angeles 1984, Atlanta 1976. It will host Los Angeles 2028.
The United States joined the new organization World boxing to be held the first time Electoral conference in November 2023.
at present executive committee Temporarily Composed of: Matthew Holt (Great Britain, CEO); Tyson Lee (USA, Chairman); Karen Mattino (Sweden, Member of the Board of Directors); Michael Müller (Germany, General Secretary); Nana Peixon (Philippines, Chief Match Referee); Lauren Price (actor-sports); Richard Torrez Jr. (Athlete-Sports); Keith Walker (New Zealand FA President); Boris van Per Voorst (President of the Dutch Football Association); Simon Tolson (Acting Secretary-General, non-voting).
World Boxing will hold its first tournaments at the end of the year.
In response to the US decision, theIBA extension Announced that American boxers, coaches, managers, referees and judges of this time no They will not be able to participate in any competition run by the association.
The men’s IBA World Championships will kick off in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) on Monday.
In addition to the United States, ten other countries whose national federations have so decided will not participate boycott: Canada, Great Britain, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Ireland, Netherlands, Ukraine, Norway, Switzerland. Uncertainty about the official presence of New Zealand and the Philippines.
The competition no it will be righteous as an Olympic qualification.
the Paris 2024 Qualifiers They will have this calendar:America (Oct. 22/Nov. 5, 2023): Santiago, All-American.Europe (2 June/2 July 2023): Krakow, European Games.Oceania (19 Nov/2 Dec 2023): Solomon Islands, Pacific Games.Asia (23 Sep / 8 Oct 2023): Hangzhou, Asian Games, CIO and NOC Africa They are still discussing the dates for the African Games to be held in 2023 in Accra, between July and August. And at the end of the five continental championships, at 2024 They will argue Two global groups Sets the remaining places available.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 2019 he have iba suspendedAnd she took the management of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and entrusted the championship to herself military unit. In 2022 he confirmed the suspension, adding a ban on staging the Paris 2024 qualifiers as well, which had been handed over to Continental commissions of the same that it.
This is the last snapshot of amateur boxing’s turbulent moment.
The International Olympic Committee has not yet given up. World boxing is waiting for an official signal. IBA threatens to prosecute any enemy. Boxing is out of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics schedule.
Today the split is official.
As in politics, it will be of great importance which side those who have so far abstained will take.
Italy can only take one side, CONI, which is the side of the chief information officer. 75% of the contributions that allow FederPugilato to survive come from CONI and Sport e Salute.
Going the other way would deny themselves the possibility of competing in future Olympics (if there are any…) and adequate economic/political support.
It doesn’t seem like a difficult choice.

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