Biden calls on Hamas to accept the three-stage peace plan proposed by Israel

Biden calls on Hamas to accept the three-stage peace plan proposed by Israel

Joe Biden asked Hamas to accept the three-stage peace plan proposed by Israel, the first stage It will lead to a six-week truce Which will enter into force once the Palestinian Islamic Group approves the initiative.

The American President said this in a speech he delivered at the White House, in which he confirmed that this proposal “Comprehensive” and includes a “permanent” ceasefire And release all hostages.

Biden stressed that the Israeli plan creates a “decisive moment” and called on Hamas to accept it. During the first phase, the truce, the Palestinian group He must release the hostages in exchange for the release of hundreds of prisoners The Israeli army withdraws from populated areas in Gaza.

This also includes the first stage The return of Palestinian civilians to their homesAlthough in these offensive months, the army destroyed a large part of the populated centers in the Strip, coinciding with the entry of 600 humanitarian aid trucks daily.

During the six weeks, negotiations will continue, mediated by the United States and Qatar It will depend on the success of these talks The fact of moving to the second phase of the plan.

The second phase includes the release of the remaining hostages and the complete withdrawal of the Israeli army from Gaza. The ceasefire will become one “Permanent cessation of hostilities.”

In the final phase, any other hostages still being held must be released, and the process will begin “Major reconstruction” sector with international assistance.

Head of European Diplomacy Josep Borrell celebrated Biden’s “road map”. He called for a “permanent ceasefire” and “the release of hostages” and stressed that “the war must end now.”

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