Air conditioner cost bills are collapsing: a relief for Italians

Air conditioner cost bills are collapsing: a relief for Italians

The first big heat of the summer season is expected in the next few days, the good news is that if the temperatures rise, it is fortunate that the cost of the air conditioner in the bill will drop a lot, according to an analysis by, this year who will choose to turn on the air to combat the heat, He will have to budget, taking into account current lighting rates, around 124 euros, 43% less than last year. A real relief for the more than 26 million Italians who, according to the survey, have an air conditioner at home and, in particular, for the two million homeowners who said they did not want to turn it on because of last year’s bill. . If the price of energy this year is more lenient than last year, it’s important to pay attention to how you use the device because bad habits can have a negative impact on your bill.

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To help consumers, a short brochure has been created with some practical tips to reduce expenses, but above all waste, and save on the final bill. We start by saying that it’s the energy class that makes the difference. The numbers are in hand, moving from a class B air conditioner to class A ++ means reducing the cost by about 40% per year (about 50 euros). Watch out, however, for energy labels; If it is true that as of 2021 a new classification has come into force for many of the devices that we use indoors, it is also true that the novelty has not yet affected the world of air conditioners. Cool yes, but not polar. Adjusting 6-8 degrees lower than outside is ideal, and if the machine has 1 degree, it is best to use the dehumidification function; This choice allows you to reduce your bill by up to 13%.

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Another tip to consider is to evaluate the installation of an inverter air conditioner, a device that, unlike a conventional one, once the ideal temperature is reached, slows down the engine speed and operates at a minimum, avoiding consuming the energy needed to stop and start again. Choosing this type of air conditioner allows for 30% energy savings compared to a standard air conditioner. Moreover, underestimating the importance of system maintenance and filter cleaning can cost dearly to our health and wallets, so much so that with a poorly maintained machine we can spend up to 8% more.

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