“Being sensitive means being perceptive and allowing things that happen around you to affect you.”

“Being sensitive means being perceptive and allowing things that happen around you to affect you.”

Falling in love again (Sonido Muchacho, 2024) is the title of the album – the first to be published entirely in Spanish – in which Lourdes Hernandez (Madrid, 1985) revitalized his musical ego. Nearly a decade has passed since then Russian red She got off the stage and during this period, the Madrid-born native did not stop producing songs and projects from her residence in Los Angeles, where she moved in 2013, and she even made the leap into the world of acting by starring in a movie. Ramona (Andrea Bagni, 2022).

Did you think you might come back someday?

of course not. When I stopped I just wanted to give life a little. I had just moved to Los Angeles and saw an opportunity to start a new life. He felt that the door wasn't completely closed, but he didn't really know how. However, I never stopped making music.

Were you disappointed?

He had released three records and was barely 30 years old. It was a moment where I wanted to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life. I didn't feel full. In order to gain this fullness I had to work on myself. I work on my shocks and movements. In the end it was all a matter of self-esteem.

At that time, mental health wasn't talked about like it is now.

It's just that to be an artist you have to be a bit suicidal. Because, on the one hand, you are completely opening yourself up to the channel. You are a very sensitive person, you share your most intimate things which are precisely the ones that lift you up in some way, but at the same time you have to be iron-clad and unaffected by anything that might be said about you or others. The narrative that is generated for you. You can't be super sensitive and waterproof at the same time. Because being sensitive means being permeable and allowing things that are happening around you to affect you.

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What did you find in Los Angeles?

Living in Los Angeles has given me the opportunity to be someone else, to have another vibrant personality. This sounds exciting to me. Being able to say I have two lives, like two personalities. I have already discovered that I have many personalities within me. One thing Los Angeles has given me is a lot of optimism. Like saying yes to life, saying yes to myself.

What was it like reconnecting with her singer-songwriter side?

Three years ago I returned to Spain to photograph Ramona. This means I spent half the time in Spain. She then began to reconnect with the Lourdes she had left behind in Spain, the one she had left at about 27 on hiatus. Then I felt like giving him the play again. I naturally returned to songwriting.

But unlike his first phase, this time he sings songs in Spanish…

Before, when I was asked why I sang in English, I never got an answer. At that time I was like that because of the kind of music I was listening to, because of my references, and I also think that the English language was foreign to me. The strangest point comes in this Red Russian speech about falling in love and changing your reality. I think after living in the US for so long, let's just say that Spanish has become a bit foreign to me. So, if there's any way to explain why I now sing in Spanish, it has to have something to do with this weirdness in reverse.

Coming back in Russian Red is, in a way, like wearing that dress you left in a forgotten closet years ago?

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I use the metaphor of returning to the wake of the Russian Red. Because I'm very short and I wear a lot of high heels and there's such a thing as being on stage. But going back to the dress metaphor, instead of putting on an old dress again, what I feel is that this Russian red has been transformed. Very mutant. It does not mean retrieving something from the past, but rather incorporating something from the past and making it new.

Is it possible to fall in love over and over again?

I think so. However, I think maybe not everyone is available for it or likes it. But falling in love is something everyone has been able to experience at some point in life, and it never stops. Youth is not only a matter of age, but also of a way of life. And I feel that it takes a lot from young people to fall in love.

Do you think your music can connect with today's youth?

I would love to, really. My aesthetic is timeless, so I don't feel like I'm doing something from my generation or any other generation. I hope many young and new people can connect with my music and message. I think my speech is one that people in their early 20s as well as people in their 40s can relate to.

Why did you decide to tour back to small theaters?

I feel like my concerts are always very intimate. I drink a lot of that intimacy of having a place where people can sit and pay as much attention as possible to what's going on upstage. It's places like this where I grow the most. In the end, what every artist wants is for the message to grow. I have already toured a lot of theaters and I was happy that the comeback was like this. In addition, there are beautiful theaters in Spain. Historic theaters like the one in Girona which are truly incredible.

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Do you plan to continue working in interpretation?

I like the explanation. Ultimately, character creation is another way to channel emotions and is something that interests me. However, I'm not interested in any projects either, and at the moment I don't have any.

But there's a very personal film project that's already in the works.

Yes, before writing this album, I made another album. But suddenly I realized that these songs should be presented in the form of a film. I've already started working on it with Andrea Bagni. It so happens that right now I'm focusing on music, but when I have some time I'll start with pre-production.

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