In Taranto Conference ‘Culture, Science and Spirituality’

In Taranto Conference ‘Culture, Science and Spirituality’

TARANTO – The usual date is back with the National Study Conference organized by the non-profit survival and eternal life again this year. The theme chosen this year by the Organizing Committee – chaired by Gemma Cometti – is “Culture, Science, Spirituality”. The conference, from 2 to 4 December, will take place in the halls of the Hotel “Mercure Delfino”, sponsored by the Voluntary Service Center of Taranto, the BCC of San Marzano, the Sviluppo Gift Corporation and the Belardinelli Pharmacy.

“Our Society intends – says Gemma Cometti – to organize a conference worthy of the utmost attention this year, with new speakers and topics of great interest and freshness chosen with the intention of providing comfort and hope, but also a new intellectual and spiritual: an invitation in these difficult years, comprehension and realization of the mysteries of life Great to continue the spiritual journey that began in the past years.

The conference is scheduled to open at 3pm on Friday 2 December, with the presentation of the latest book by Gemma Cometti, My Story of Eternal Time (Gagliano Editor), a presentation curated by neurosurgeon Enrico Pierangeli. We will continue with the reports of the researcher in Milan, Max Giunta, researcher at the Institute of Oncology in Milan, Lucila Tita, and the radio and television journalist Alberto Lori.

On Saturday mornings 3, starting at 9, Steiner researcher Antonio Foes reports. At the age of 11, the long-awaited and traditional meeting with the international writer and educator Daniel Lomera, who will talk about “the inner environment, the love that heals”. Followed by, among others, the Milanese journalist Manuela Bompas, the French scholar Bernard Roche, and the Milanese writer Marco Cezati-Casane.

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Closing of the conference on Sunday morning with the presence of Umberto de Grazia and Max Giunta. In conclusion, as usual, the traditional appointment with an “open window of solidarity”, this year dedicated to the volunteers of the Sant’Egidio community. The detailed program and how to register in full are presented on the website

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