Hideo Kojima’s next game is a real new medium – Nerd4.life

Hideo Kojima’s next game is a real new medium – Nerd4.life

Interview by The Guardian, Hideo Kojimaone of the most famous and important video game authors in this part of the universe, made stylized statements about one of the Games in development In his studio, Kojima Productions, he defined it as real new medium.

Note that he did not specify the game he is talking about, which game it is based on Cloud In development for Xbox or Death Stranding 2 in development for PlayStation. Whatever the case, let’s read what he said: “It’s almost a new medium. If it works, it will change everything, not only in the video game industry, but also in the film industry.”

Picture of Hideo Kojima in a Lycoris Recoil Shirt

Who knows if this time we will be ready for such magnificence. However, Kojima added a detail suggesting the project he’s talking about, that is, he revealed that one of the biggest challenges for the development team is building infrastructure: “You can be successful with experiences, but there it passes between the experience and the thing that becomes part of everyday life.”

This Kojima game has to do with i multiverse Who talked about him a lot? However, these infrastructure specs suggest that it could be Overdose, the game in development for Xbox, which as mentioned will be cloud-based.

The game has been talked about for a while now, and Kojima himself made an announcement about it, while remaining very vague, during the Xbox & Bethesda game show in June, talking about the game he “always wanted to do,” but doesn’t. . I have ever tried due to technical limitations.

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