United States by Paolo Paradiso at Galleria Ponte Rosso, Milan

United States by Paolo Paradiso at Galleria Ponte Rosso, Milan

In Milan, in the heart of Beria, in red bridge gallery, Today, October 27, from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm Personal exhibition of Paolo Paradiso “Heaven is here” (until November 26).

«In this new exhibition, the artist presents more than 20 new paintings, all in large formats, made from 2020 to today. His theme was “classic: America in the 1950s and 1960s, and almost exclusively New York, the city that inspired him so much and continues to inspire him”, the exhibition predicted.

«Paolo Paradiso – continued – was born in Milan. He studies advertising charts but at the same time dedicates himself to drawing he has always been passionate about. In 1978 he opened his own photography studio and collaborated with fashion magazines and advertising studios.
In 1983 he decided to move to Chicago. During that period, painting became his main activity and in 2003 he exhibited his production at the Michael H. Lord Gallery in Chicago.
In 2004 he returned to Milan and won the “Carlo Dalla Zorza Painting Prize” organized by the Ponte Rosso Gallery, which he has represented ever since. Paradiso fairs, in recent years, have achieved continuous and increasing success. He currently lives between Milan, Paris and Barcelona.

Paolo Paradiso, Lights of Life

These are the words Andrea BoscoIn 2019 about the artist’s work:

“America is sick. To understand Paolo Paradiso’s feelings for the United States, between love and admiration, between reality and dream, sayings Mario Soldati in America first love It seems enlightening. Soldati writes: “America is not just a part of the world. America is a state of mind, an emotion. And any European can, at any moment, get sick with America.”
America Paolo Paradiso is that of the 1950s which, as the artist explains, “lasted a very short time.”
America is the same as New York. With big streets and big skyscrapers. with Central Park. New York shows its bright commercials on Broadway to cut The play and his films.
It’s America Village and Washington Square, his place Banjo Dixie From Stompers Village. Greenwich Village, where you can also find a Giuseppe Garibaldi statue next to a George Washington statue. The America that Paradise loves is America Buick Special Based on Chevrolet Bel Air With shiny metal plates and chrome bumpers. And it doesn’t matter what Mignon Mc Laughlin wrote that “the car is useless in New York.” Apples have their rituals. And cars are at the height of the ritual. Starting with these yellow taxi They forced their way with police cars into the pages of literature.”

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