How to hide “writes”

How to hide “writes”

Whatsapp: How to Hide “Writes” to get more privacy while using the app so that no one is spying on you

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Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging app in the world. It has, in general, revolutionized the way we communicate. So far, the connection has become so fast and fast, sometimes unimportant and cliched, that we can say without problems that it can happen in a completely random way. In short, there is something surprisingly different than it was to communicate in the past. Today we can be reached anytime and anywhere we go, as long as you have it cell phone.

Whatsapp, how to hide ‘writing’ functionality

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And let’s face it, let us admit it to ourselves at least: if this new way of life is often an advantage, it may not always be an advantage, when we need to be alone or at least we don’t need to be always accessible to everyone.

In this, messaging apps do not help much, on the contrary: whatsapp in particular offers little mission To protect us in this sense. So now we can hide the profile picture and status. Going to settings, we can also specify who can see or not last access, this is the last time we entered a file Application.

For a few days, we can even if we are online, and connected to the app. However, when we enter a conversation and write a message, we come back into existence Visible. There can be many reasons why we wish this didn’t happen: we might have thought about it and don’t want to send that message anymore, or we want to write calmly, without the pressure of the other watching us.

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Is it possible to do this? The truth is that whatsapp still does not offer any features for this. So we must rely on an indirect method (don’t worry, nothing weird, it’s all easy to implement).

Do this: Enter the app, open the chat, and view the message you want to reply to. at that point Turn off data or enter Flight mode. Because the network is interrupted, you will no longer be able to view anything, but you will not be displayed either. Remember that if you receive messages at that time, they will not reach you.

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