Beneficiaries of the new reward

The work and business decree signs a new bonus without ISEE with a maximum value of 480 euros. Let’s get acquainted with the beneficiaries of this measure.

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Get ready, steady and move on to a new incentive that comes as a welcome birthday gift for many workers. Introduced labor and business decree a Contribution of 480 euros Dedicated to the self-employed and holders of VAT numbers that will come in the form of credit tax. Beneficiaries’ interest stems from the absence of an access requirement associated with ISEE. This means that the measure is available to all workers in the above-mentioned categories.

New bonus details without ISEE for self-employed people and VAT numbers

The economic crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many categories of workers to their knees, including Self-employed and VAT numbers. As a result, Draghi’s CEO has taken various measures to give new impetus to a sector that has been stuck for far too long. There are three Christmas gifts, Three different tax credits Clearing is aimed at specific beneficiaries.

It is provided for the self-employed Exemption from paying commissions They are usually paid when transactions are made with credit, debit or debit cards using electronic devices. For VAT numbers, on the other hand, they are provided for cover expenses Incurred to purchase, rent and link points of sale to cash registers or reference platforms. The maximum spend is 480 euros.

Double target bonus up to 480€

In addition to economic assistance to workers who have had to face a crisis due to the pandemic, the reward without ISEE created by Draghi has second purpose. In the specifications it aims at Encourage the use of traceable paymentsAn effective means in combating tax evasion, money laundering and terrorist financing. The government, in fact, is constantly involved in this struggle and puts all means in place control and verification In order to be able to put an end – or at least limit as much as possible – the scourge of our society. about it Tax inspections are becoming increasingly strict and taxpayers must be very careful On transactions executed on current accounts in order not to risk checks and penalties.

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Contribution amount without ISEE

VAT holders will be able to get it Recovery Regarding the purchase and delivery of electronic card readers from points of sale. The refund percentage depends on the applicant’s invoice due on the tax return. Under 200 thousand euros you will get it 70% Between 200 thousand and one million and 1 million euros you will get 40% While above one million and one and within 5 million you will get a refund 10%. The maximum amount for each credit is 160 EUR.

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