Here it is worth today

Here it is worth today

the value of silveras well as that who are they And other metals, it works to create a price performance in the markets that no one expected at all. Or rather, inflation has always led to higher prices for similar products safe haven assets; But we did not think that the demand from the industries would increase in this way either. Silver, in particular, is getting more and more in need secondary sector Thanks to the increasingly frequent construction of Electric cars and phones with 5G technology. This type of “product” unlike “ordinary” twins requires an amount of silver Larger during the production process. In this way, as the need for it increases in the market, it increases as well selling price.

The direction of silver used

Even used silver is leading the wave well and its prices are increasing quite a bit continuous; If you are thinking of selling some silver items that you find unused at home, such as Cups, frames and cutlery; This may be the right time. Let’s start by saying that if things like this exist, it’s important to first recognize them Make and year of manufacture. Regardless of quality and weight, in fact, there are many silver products that are worth a fortune precisely as a result of their branding; As it is today Designer clothes or bag for example.

Secondly, it is important to make an accurate assessment of the type of silver; You’ll notice that there’s a small number in between, hidden somewhere 800, 925, or 999 It is the most common. This number does nothing but indicate amount of silver which forms your thing and which, for example, can be joined with other metals for malleability. In the event that there is no such number on the item, this is not entirely good news; Objects like this can be Silver plated only This would result in a total lack of value. Finally, the value of 800 silver at the time of writing is equivalent 390 euros per kilogram.

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