Iran and the United States, shining atmosphere. Klinsmann attacks the former coach: “I am a disgrace”, Queiroz replies: “I resign from FIFA!”

Iran and the United States, shining atmosphere.  Klinsmann attacks the former coach: “I am a disgrace”, Queiroz replies: “I resign from FIFA!”

There is great anticipation for the challenge that he will face on Tuesday evening at Al Thumama Stadium in Doha Iran and the United States. Not only what the field will say but what is happening abroad, with tense international relations and the battle for human rights in the Middle Eastern country gaining the attention of the international community. Thus, in the days when there was no certainty about the immediate future Forgivingformer international, arrested at home for ‘propaganda’ against the regime, a few statements that have been misunderstood by Jurgen Klinsmannthe German flag and former US coach who is now a BBC commentator and FIFA ambassador, on Iran’s style of play to unleash the fury of Carlos Queirozthe coach of the Iranian national team who publicly requested his resignation from FIFA.

Klinsmann attack – Klinsmann, analyzing some live videos of the Iranian players’ defensive tackles, addressed Queiroz and his men, focusing attention on what he said was a “mistake” on the pitch: “The Iranian way of playing is a disgrace to football, but we know it lies in their culture. Yelling at the fourth official over every mistake is part of their way of doing it and Carlos is a perfect fit for this team: he failed in South America with Colombia, then with Egypt and then back to Iran.”

Resignation – An impulse that Queiroz did not comprehend prompted him to publish a series of tweets against Klinsmann that culminated in his request for his resignation: “Dear Jurgen, you took the initiative to call me Carlos, so I think it is right to call you Jurgen, right? Not knowing me personally, you question my character by exemplary judgment on Excellence.No matter how much I respect what you’ve done on the pitch: these comments about the culture and the Iranian national team, about the team’s players, are a disgrace to football. We expect you to step down as a member of the World Cup Technical Study Group prior to our visit.”

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Cultural Controversy – Tweets that shift the attention of the term “culture” from the playing field to the current world, sparking a controversy that threatens to explode. “As an American/German we understand your lack of support, But that is not a problem and despite your outrageous comments seeking to undermine our efforts, our sacrifices and our capabilities, we promise not to do so. Make no judgments about your culture. You will always be welcome in our family.” And so Iran and the United States are getting hotter and hotter.

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