June 2, 2023

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Closing showers are coming for the “sleepers”; What to do so as not to lose money »ILMETEO.it

Postal Books: Showers of Closing on the “Sleepers” is Coming; What do you do to not lose money?

The closing of idle mail books is comingNews coming from Poste Italiane. The General Authority is informing some clients that it will go ahead
The extinction of their postal book by June 21, 2022.

The measure is working on deposit they present Amounts equal to or greater than 100 EUR, but it has not been increased or used for 10 years. In fact, as of March, the company is proceeding to deactivate the so-called postal books “sleepers”by sending a specific message to all concerned users: If the user does not respond to the call after 180 days, will continue automatically to the extinction of the handbook.

In fact, the law states, as confirmed by Republicthat postal books are registered as dormant Move to Consap Funda company wholly owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, with the consequent termination of the relationship.

Although the Company has notified the relevant parties of a specific contact, However, there may still be many who are entitled to it Which for various reasons did not reach the information. So citizens should be aware of this situation and check their documents and those of elderly relatives, To avoid losing outstanding amounts. This circumstance also applies to heirs wishing to verify the presence of sleeper booklets in the name of the deceased relative. What do you do next so as not to lose money?
To make an assessment it will be possible Access to Poste Italiane portal And go to the designated section where there is a list of all passive account books or contact the relevant post office.

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