“Here is worse than Bucha” – Corriere.it

“Here is worse than Bucha” – Corriere.it
to Lorenzo Cremonese

Fifty kilometers from Kyiv, another destroyed village: more than 200 people are still killed under the rubble, in gardens or in cellars. Similar massacres occurred in cities around Kharkiv and Chernihiv

from our reporter
BUCHA – There is no end to the worst. Now it appears The horrors of Borodinka can be more dangerous than the horrors of Buka. There is still much to discover in the areas just abandoned by the Russian army. Just before arriving in Bucha In the countryside there are signs of destruction and death that we did not notice two days ago, in our keenness to reach as quickly as possible what we described as the place where the most serious massacres against civilians took place. There are groups of villas and some huts were bombed and completely burned. And the In the patches of wood around you you can make labyrinths of ditches and dug-outs dug in the dark earth and trees cut down with deep paths that go to get lost in vegetation. Russian tankers were looking for shelter from the pine trees to escape from our drones. It is not excluded that they bring their prisoners there as well. Then many airmen were attacked. The area still needs to be researched,” a Ukrainian official admitted.

They began to appear in the villages around Kiev Effects of torture on civiliansand leaders of Zelensky’s government argue that the terrible atrocities were Identified in the town of Borodyanka, about twenty kilometers northeast of Bosha and fifty kilometers from the capital. “Most of the buildings have been destroyed, We estimate that there are still 200 dead people under the rubble, in basements and gardens. Our district was the first area occupied by Russian forces on February 24 when they marched to Kyiv and it was liberated only last Sunday, and it still needs to be cleaned and restored. As in Bucha“We are looking for mass graves,” said Borodinka’s mayor, Georgi Erko. President Zelensky himself spoke about it yesterday in his book Letter of Appeal to the United Nations.

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was the area As a result of the violence of the war at the beginning of the attack on the capital. Russian columns passed through here on their way from Chernobyl and joined the Airborne Forces that had entrenched themselves at Hostomil Airport. But The whole process failed, which caused many casualties among the Russians. The killing or injury of many Ukrainian civilians cannot be ruled out at this stage. That’s when Borodinka’s ordeal began: The entire center has been destroyed and more than 80% of the urban area has been damaged or burned down. Some reporters saw clothes and blankets lying on the roofs of factories in the violence caused by the explosions. News of the massacres also comes from the towns around Kharkiv, from which the Russians are withdrawing faster and more rapidly, as well as in Chernihiv, on the road from Kyiv to Russia, and then to Sumy and Izyum, where Putin’s orders are trying to reorganize the forces to besiege the Ukrainian units committed to containing the enemy’s advance from the Donbass. And we still have to wait to understand what actually happened in the Mariupol slaughterhouse.

Yesterday we managed Roam free for at least three hours in the war-ravaged streets of Bucha. The bodies that were identified were collected in recent days, and the policemen documented and photographed the bloodstains on the ground with whatever relief it could aid the investigation in light of the selection of Ukraine. The Russians are accused of “war crimes” at the Hague International Court. Near a shopping center, 47-year-old businessman Gennady Chernasky appears, where he and his 13 family members managed to survive. “In the garden we collected a lot of wood and buckets of water for cooking. At night we didn’t light any candles, we were afraid of the Russians breaking in,” he explains. His words are realistic. “Here The Russians and the Ukrainians shot with the same intensity. The Russian commanders were near the power plant and on top of the buildings, the Ukrainians were carpeted, many of our cars were even destroyed by their bullets. ”

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shots at families

However, he also does not hesitate to point out The Russians shot the families who tried to flee by car, showing his neighbor’s SUV slashed through a sieve of bullet holes. As for the thefts carried out by the Russians, he says so Abandoned apartments were systematically searched. “They took everything. In the circle of our buildings we stayed in 4 families out of 124, the Russians had amassed enormous booty ”, he recalls. It seems that the shops and department stores did the same, but did not Supermarkets and grocery stores, where hungry Ukrainians competed with Russians To grab the rest of the food.

On the other hand, 42-year-old Valerie has a special certificate: «With my mother, Sophia, 75, we were locked up in our small apartment when ten Russian soldiers stormed the house on the morning of 12 March. They wanted my laptop, I replied that I didn’t have one. They are gone, but returned at the end of March, They locked my mother in the bathroom and accused me of being a spy, and shot me in the air, and wanted to kill me in the garage.. I got on my knees before them and prayed to God in Russian, because I belong to the church of the Moscow Patriarchate. Then they threatened that they would return the next day. But that same evening they left.

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