What does the third star of argentina mean

What does the third star of argentina mean

Those who follow the World Cup think of the introductory note of the Argentine anthem. It’s the same boos that were given by the Olympico fans before the Italia 90 final, where Maradona was on the field responding with insults from the fans.

But on November 22, before Messi and his companions made their debut against Saudi Arabia in the Qatar World Cup, another tune was sung at Lusail Stadium. To many it seemed that Argentina had changed its national anthem. it’s not like that. The cause of the masses Sing another tune They are given through a careful selection of the trainer stairs: no longer plays the initial note without words, but goes straight to the last part of the chant. There where you read the verse “Coronados de gloria vivamos, o juremos con gloria diePerhaps this is enough to explain how Argentina lived the World Cup they had just won. And how much expectation, and not just sports, was attributed to the most watched tournament.

Find a new king at all costs

A lot has happened in the world in the past four years. And in Argentina even more. The four-year period marked the last two World Cups Corona VirusHowever, this problem has affected the entire planet and not just the South American country. Here, without a doubt, the consequences of Covid have had more impact than anywhere else. Argentina emerged from the most severe phase of the pandemic with aeconomic inflation In sharp change towards 70% and 80%. Unemployment is clearly increasing. On the political level, there were few differences between the president Alberto Fernandez and vice president Kirchner.

However, there was a more important fact affecting recent years in the country. On November 26, 2020, he passed away Diego Armando Maradona. An icon, a monument, a reference that goes beyond football. If you ask an Argentinean where he was when television reported the disappearance of pibe de oro, he will undoubtedly be able to answer in detail. Maradona is probably the only one fixed point In a country where the meaning of stability has been lost for a long time and has almost been erased from the political and social vocabulary.

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In 2014 Argentina lost the final in Rio de Janeiro, but Maradona was still alive and managed to pit him four years later in Russia on the failed Moscow trip. Without the “ten” par excellence, the Argentines were in a hurry to put the crown on their heads Messi. This is the reason for such a remarkable anticipation of the World Championships in Qatar, and one reason Pressure Very strong on the new number ten. Getting Messi to lift the trophy didn’t help erase the last four difficult years as much as it helped crown a new king of the Albiceleste, a new idol to carry on Maradona’s legacy. It is no coincidence that the Argentine and Moroccan fans were the most present in Doha during the World Cup. But if the North African presence was justified by the achievement of Morocco capable of reaching the semi-finals, then Argentina clearly did not have great explanations. If not, precisely, in the search for a World Cup capable of expelling sporting as well as political and economic ghosts.

A country that has a constant need for fixed points

The Argentines scoured in search of a new king, and partly found it when Messi lifted the trophy in front of the Emir of Qatar. But the exodus to the shores of the Gulf can also be explained by the transgression of the past four years. There have been sporting expectations that have persisted since 1986, and at the same time, there have been deeper expectations that have their roots in Society From the country of South America.

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In Italy and Europe, Covid has destroyed all certainty, in the Western world a variant capable of changing lifestyles may not have been well thought out until 2020. In Argentina, on the other hand, the population has been living in perennials for decades suspicion. Over the years, it has happened many times in Buenos Aires to sleep in a country at peace and wake up with generals in power. Or waking up in the morning and discovering that you no longer have savings due to sudden and sudden devaluation policies.

Constant instability that over time has increasingly weakened and impoverished the middle class, making life very difficult for the vast majority of the population. And people often turned to the world of football. The only certainty, he is often treacherous due to the lack of results after Maradona, but he certainly never skimps on giving emotes and distractions.

Buenos Aires buckled due to inflation

Inflation is currently the first real scourge of Argentines. The latest data speaks of a The annual figure is close to 100%.. Average salaries and incomes equal very little. Buying basic necessities is getting more difficult by the day. Nothing new, one might say. But now the situation has become more dangerous because of the economic system that has been severely affected by the Corona virus.

Thus began the race for new people loans. In recent weeks, Economics Minister Massa has reassured IMF chiefs in Washington about the reforms needed to continue a debt restructuring plan agreed a few years ago. On the other hand, the central bank is aiming to raise interest rates while, before long, the government may agree to a new tightening of interest rates public expenditure. But in addition to the calculations, the entire economic structure of the country is disturbing: the industrial sector is declining, exports are falling, and many businesses are closing.

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Football is a point of pride

Thus, the victory of the national team allows residents to experience a moment of newfound happiness. A minimum of joy amidst the general chaos that encompasses every sector. However, it would be unfair to attribute the World Cup raised Lucille to a moment of fleeting satisfaction. Perhaps Argentina has just the right reward for a football school that often “just” lacks the final push to get rid of the eternal loser nomination.

Until 1978, Albiceleste was without a world championship, thanks also to the opting out of some of the first tournaments staged in previous years. This made a particular node evolve multiple times inferiority In the presence of Brazil and Uruguay, just to stay in South America. Now, with its players lifting their third trophy, Argentina has placed itself on par, or nearly so, with its own traditions. Reaching the third star meant entering Olympus once and for all. A source of pride, one of the few who tell the truth, to a nation in perpetual trouble.

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