Volkswagen, MEB+ platform arrives: features and availability

Volkswagen, MEB+ platform arrives: features and availability

that Volkswagen It is one of the most active automobile manufacturers in the foregroundelectrify their range It’s not a secret at all. The House of Wolfsburg has always invested money and human resources in developing technologies that ensure ever greater range and improved ride comfort.

The latest achievement in this sector is represented by MEB+ platform, the “natural” evolution of the MEB platform and destined to represent the “base” on which all the Group’s electrical appliances will be built over the next few years. The new platform brings together a rather formidable legacy: the platform intended for retirement was used to produce 10 different models, with a total of half a million electric vehicles sold worldwide.

MEB+: Evolution of Species

abbreviation Modular electric drive systemThe MEB platform represents a decisive step forward for the Volkswagen Group on the path towards group electrification. With a completely modular design, this same platform has been used to design small cars, station wagons and even minivans. And the fate of MEB+ will be no different.

The modular design will indeed be maintained and improved, to ensure that over a longer period and increasingly shorter charging times. Due, basically, the new “uniform cell” batteries, prismatic in shape and with different chemistries. This new configuration would allow for a higher accumulation density for the same occupied ‘deck’.

This translates into greater capacity for the accumulators and, therefore, greater autonomy than in the past. As reported by the House of Wolfsburg, cars based on the MEB + platform will be able to access it 700 km range on a single charge. Almost 150 km more than the performance of the first generation MEB platform.

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They also decided to improve the frontal part of the recharge times. The new platform for electric vehicles from the Volkswagen Group supports power from 175 to 200 kW: this means that it will be possible to fill it in a matter of minutes.

Volkswagen is preparing an electric car for 25,000 euros

The new electric platform will allow Volkswagen (and all other brands of the group) to significantly expand the offer of electric models. The Wolfsburg-based house alone is expected to launch 10 models by 2026, including a city car or a compact car. The price starts from only 25 thousand euros (has evolved Concept ID. life It was first shown at the 2021 Munich Motor Show).

There will also be electric SUVs (possibly the arrival of the electric Tiguan), luxury and sports cars. An aggressive development plan, which would allow Volkswagen to establish itself as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric vehicles.

Volkswagen Group’s electrical development plans

However, the MEB+ platform is not an access point for Wolfsburg. In fact, the opposite is true: in 2025, Volkswagen must launch a completely new electric platform on the market, capable of guaranteeing even better performance. It comes with an extension SSP platform (short for Scalable System Platform), which will replace MEB, MEB+ and PPE to ensure modularity like never before.

to me Volkswagen development plansthe SSP will be the basis on which it will be produced More than 40 million vehicles In a few years it can be used to build city cars and build sports vehicles.

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