February 1, 2023

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M4rt3! An online escape room to discover the Red Planet created by the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan

Discover the mysteries of Mars by solving puzzles based on archival documents and real information. This is the idea behind M4rt3! A digital escape room that can be played from home, created in Milan by the Museum of Science and Technology together with the Brera Astronomical Observatory.

Players will assume the role of Margherita Hacker, a famous astrophysicist passionate about recovering ancient instruments, who has found a message from the past with a dire warning to humanity: Mars hides a threat. The player has 90 minutes to save the Earth, in a path made up of puzzles, investigations to carry out and answer questions that will lead to the solution step by step.

How it works
To play, you just need to log in via your PC and go to a website, you don’t need to install apps or software. The engaging story will transport you to a dimension on the border between fantasy, historical reality and current events, where you will be able to interact with documents, visit mysterious virtual places, search the web, conduct investigations and let yourself be guided. Spirit of observation and logical deduction.

You can also participate in groups, and to advance in the story you will have to solve ten puzzles. Every time you succeed, you will have to enter the correct password to get to the next level. The experience is affordable Online And a MUST shop in the museum.

Twitter citizens It is distributed under license Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International.