This superfood will make you skinny by eating just four tablespoons

This superfood will make you skinny by eating just four tablespoons

There are a number of tricks to Slim bottom Quickly so they can become great allies If you want to lose weight in a short period of time. The key to losing weight is not what you eat, but how much you eat. Nutritionists make sure that all natural, i.e. unprocessed, foods are good for your health. the reason? This other type of food, which has undergone various industrial processes, has lost a good part of its natural qualities. In addition, they often contain products such as sweeteners, colorings, and preservatives, not to mention fatty substances that provide you with calories that are difficult to burn.

The famous one The prestigious Mediterranean diet It wouldn't be the same without this food known as the liquid gold of health. It is an ingredient found in countless dishes and preparations, so it is advisable not to abuse it so as not to cause a negative effect that deprives us of its extraordinary qualities. What food are we talking about?

the oil Olive edge Extra has many qualities that make it an essential food. It contains large amounts of antioxidants, which makes it indispensable for a healthy diet and disease prevention. a balanced diet It always works best when it comes to losing weight Other types of systems are more or less miraculous. Many of them will cause you to suddenly lose a lot of weight and gain it back in a short period of time. This is what is known Such as the much feared “rebound effect”. Four teaspoons are a smart way to dress up a rich salad or accompany healthy products that help you lose weight, such as fresh cheese.

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Extra virgin olive oil is one of the best products you can consume for its nourishing properties. SD

The key is that those calories are used well. There is no doubt that if you use those spoons to prepare a rich and nutritious breakfast, it will be much more beneficial than if you eat sweets for breakfast, as they contain high calories and little nutritional value, and the only thing they will do is make you fat and add more weight. Empty Calories for Your Diet Plus, you'll be less hungry and less prone to mid-morning pecks. Extra virgin olive oil is one of the best products you can eat because of its nourishing properties. But you have to do it in a controlled way. For example, just four tablespoons a day will provide you with 360 calories.


It is a very popular product in gastronomy, also because of its mild taste The benefits of extra virgin olive oil are diverse. Hence the interest generated by this food, which continues to be used for a wide range of purposes. In other words, in addition to being an ingredient in a fair number of recipes, it is used in cosmetics; For example, in the production of soaps, hair creams, moisturizing shampoos and cream baths.

Extra virgin olive oil is called this because no other product is added during its processing, that is, it does not contain colorings or preservatives that alter its flavour, properties or purity. despite of It is almost 100% fat, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, so it is not harmful to health, and does not contribute to increased cholesterol. On the other hand, it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which our body does not produce, as well as polyphenols and vitamin I; A compound called oleocanthal is found only in extra virgin olive oil.

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